An Amazing Way To Hit The High Waves

One of the biggest cities in the state of Karnataka, Mangalore comes with several surprises. This famous temple city known for an array of tourist destinations is also famous for introducing surfing to Indian soil. Surfing, which is a huge hit in countries like USA and Brazil, has made its way to India thanks to Mantra Surf Club in Mangalore. Let’s know more about it…

An Amazing Way To Hit The High Waves

Mangalore is a famous city situated off the coasts of Karnataka. Like any other coastal town, there are some really cool beaches to stroll around. These mesmerizing beaches are very popular among newlyweds and couples, many of them are repeat visitors, who keep coming from nearby cities looking for peace and fun times. As a tourist you can find an array of fantastic hotels, resorts and affordable budget options like Oyo rooms Mangalore. The majority of the beaches are loaded with exciting adventure sports to try, which attracts a lot of adrenaline runners every year.

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The coasts of Karnataka are filled with a number of groups and clubs promoting adventure sports like parasailing, speed boat rides and water skiing. If you’re in Mangalore, you could often spot a surfer riding the waves, away from the crowds at the beach. These sightings become common as winter approaches and the seawater becomes ideal. You can easily see tourists with their surf boards heading towards a common destination – Mantra Surf Club.

Accredited for bringing surfing to the Indian shores, the Mantra Surf Club is handful of those places where the fun activity is also taught. Planning to build Mangalore as an international surfing community, the club was started by Jack Hebner and Rick Perry in 2004. Both of them had began surfing as kids on the beaches of Florida, as the members of a local surf club and were known for pioneering surfing along the east coast of the US. 50 years later, they are pioneering surfing in India.

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Mantra Surf Club, with its relaxing atmosphere, located overlooking the magnificent sea. The club doubles as a surfing school, a yoga retreat and a small resort. The overall decor and ambience of the club isn’t swanky, but decent and holistic, something you’d expect from a resort attached to a surfing school. Cleanliness is strictly monitored and so is the admittance of cigarettes and alcohol. As per the resort and club admins, surfing is more about having a spiritual connection than a sport and it should follow you wherever you. And true to the saying, spending few days at the club will surely add some positive vibes.

If you’re planning to try your hands with some surfing, there are different training programmes, from elementary to advanced levels. The club evaluates you on the basis of past your experiences and physical expertise and puts you into specific slots. They also provide surfboards according your size. If you want, you can also purchase surfboards.

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The best part about spending time and learning surfing at the Mantra Surf Club, is its aloofness from the worldly affairs. The city is well connected to different parts of the country and the Mangalore hotels are well equipped with great facilities, so that you can only focus on one thing – surfing your heart out.

Nikhil S