How To Create An Engaging Website

Creating a site doesn’t have to be tricky or require vast amounts of technical knowledge. Most eCommerce platforms in Australia provide high-quality templates that allow you to add yourbranding and simply hit “publish” If you want to go a bit deeper and focus on your users’ experience and improve your conversion, then there are a few tips to follow.

How To Create An Engaging Website

Create a Great First Impression

Your site needs to answer the questions “Who are we?”, What do we do?” and “How can this site solve my problems?” almost immediately. Your homepage or landing page must establish your business as a professional, reliable authority and build rapport from the minute a new customer lays eyes on it.

This can be achieved through creating a clean, thoughtfully laid-out design that is easy to navigate. Have a cluttered looking site will make it difficult for users to find they information they require and a lack of direction will cause them to bounce from your website.

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Use Good Design Principles to Engage with your Audience

Your design must take users through the site and lead to the obvious conclusion of a purchase. An eCommerce website is designed to create leads and convert these to sales, and if your site is failing to achieve this goal it might signify a flaw in the flow of your website. It must feel natural and intuitive, with a feeling of logic about the process. Failing to make journey smooth may compromise any trust your customer feels and give them cause to discontinue the transaction.

Stay Current and Keep your Site Active

The digital landscape is constantly moving and a site left unchanged will look dated and uncared for quickly. New content in the form of blogs and articles is the best way to keep your site active, encouraging users that your business is vibrant and alive, building trust that their money will be well spent with you. If your content is good enough, it will also encourage them to return simply to learn more about your industry and this in turn will help establish your company as an authority on the topic.

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Listen to Your Customers

It is important to keep in mind that your site is designed for people. Rarely will a customer directly engage with the business to make suggestions so you must analyse their behaviour and listen to their actions. If they are consistently abandoning their purchases at a certain point, make a change to that part of the process. The quality of a website relies on constant refinement and updates to keep it relevant.

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