Are Your Parents Struggling to Get Around? How to Help Their Mobility

Are your aging parents having difficulty getting around and participating in the activities they used to enjoy? It’s common for seniors to experience a decline in mobility as they age from degenerative diseases, injuries or just getting older. However, decreased mobility doesn’t mean they have to spend all day watching television. Here are four ways you can help your elderly parents improve their mobility.

Make Their Home Accessible

Your parents spend more time in their home than anywhere else, so start by making it more accessible. Rearrange their furniture to provide clear pathways, and replace loose rugs with non-slip alternatives. Install grab bars in the bathrooms and a lift or ramp to help them get up and down the stairs. Convert high-sided bathtubs to walk-in shower stalls.

Get Them Mobility Aids

If your parents have difficulty walking or standing, a mobility aid like a walker, wheelchair or power scooter can help. Mobility scooters are great for active seniors who like to shop, travel or socialize outside of the home. A front-wheel walker is a great choice for seniors who can walk but need help with stability. A walker also provides a place to rest occasionally and helps seniors carry items like purses and shopping bags.

Hire a Caregiver

A paid caregiver can help seniors with severe mobility issues live a full and active life. A caregiver can be full-time to help your aging parent get around in the home and run errands, or you can hire one temporarily to help your parent on a family trip or other outing. Paid caregivers also provide relief from caregiving for family members, so you can focus on spending quality time and making memories with your parents.

Adjust Their Activities 

Your parents might not be able to do their old favorite activities anymore, but that doesn’t mean they have to just sit around all day. They can enjoy their old hobbies with a few modifications or find new things to enjoy. Look for projects and activities that your parents can do together with family and friends to give them more opportunities for socializing and making memories.

Preserving mobility is important for seniors’ health and quality of life. Making the effort to exercise, go on walks or make a shopping trip can help prevent the further decline of mobility and improve mood and mental health. If you’re concerned about your aging parents’ mobility, encourage them to speak with their doctor to learn about treatment options.