Bangalore – A Brief Expedition To The Contemporary City

Bangalore is a destination which every backpacker and globetrotter in India must have ventured upon. But are the stories they come back with anything near from the truth? Yes. Bangalore is everything you heard it is and wished it to be which is why it remains as the most visited city in India.

Bangalore - A Brief Expedition To The Contemporary City

Bangalore is a bustling and vibrant city. Known as the IT capital of India, this place plays home to some of the biggest MNCs that have their reach in India. Bangalore is a mixed bag. If you stand still on some busy city streets and observe the wayfarers passing by, you will see a mix of people of different colours, features and languages. The city sees tonnes of working professionals and students from all parts of India commuting daily to their places of work or studies. Although a fully developed city, Bangalore still expands rapidly and the suburbs are as developed as the main city.

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The busiest part of Bangalore is the MG road/Brigade road area. This is a one stop wonder for the people who are visiting Bangalore for the first time or for people who do not have the time to stay for long and have just one night to spend in this city. Set in a concrete boulevard, you will find shopping complexes, street food, fine dining and the various types of hotels in Bangalore, especially the good ones. You will also find a large array of pubs and bars with different layout and settings. There are also big cafes laid out on the outdoors in this part of the city which makes for a perfect breakfast scene.

Another part of the city you need to explore is the koramangala area. This is another part of the city in its own world. Though mostly made up of residential areas, this part also has some of the best picks of fine restaurants the city has to offer. Some of the best hotels in Bangalore are also located here in walkable distance of the commercial area of koramangala. Here, not only will you find cuisines from around the world in a fine dining experience but also theme pubs. The pirate themed pub situated just as you enter the commercial area of koramangala will definitely be an eye catcher. Inside the pub,the decor is set as you would imagine an old ship would be with waiters and busboys dressed as pirates.

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Bangalore has one of the biggest and the best airports in India. The KempeGowda International Airport is one of the busiest and well maintained airports in India. It also has a busy Railways station at Majestic Area with many other small stations across the city. The PNR status of the trains or flight tickets can be easily traced and confirm via an online enquiry. Bangalore also has a host of public road transports that goes to every nearby cities and town on a daily basis.

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