Explore Different Shades Of Bangalore, A Metropolitan In True Sense

Bangalore is one of the largest and most populous cities in the country which is famous for its gardens and IT companies. Of late Bangalore has become an important business destination with some of the biggest organisations of the World setting up shops in the city. Bangalore is also an important cultural centre with a rich history and lineage. This, plus the soft natured, ever so cool people of Bangalore has made it a breeding ground for professionals, artisans, nature enthusiasts, tourists and people from various walks of life. People are never short of experiencing magic in this beautiful city that boasts of a World class international airport and well-connected rail and road network.

Explore Different Shades Of Bangalore, A Metropolitan In True Sense

Travel at will

Getting around Bangalore is always a challenge. While there are many modes of transportation such as city buses, auto rickshaws, taxi’s, etc. available easily, getting the right mode of transport at the right time is not always possible. The best way to beat the travel blues is to rent a self drive car and have it at one’s disposal while completing a tour. A self drive car gives one the independence to move around freely as and when one likes without being dependent on anybody, thereby saving a lot of time.

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Hit the road on arrival

Car rental in Bangalore is easy to avail and can be done simply by the click of a button. Car rental companies like Zoomcar, a pioneer in this field, provide a wide range of car models. One can select an SUV or a hatchback, a sedan or a luxurious car, which ever offers a comfortable drive, and book the same via the app or website. One can even start driving immediately upon arrival into the city with the self drive airport cab facility. This facility frees travellers from dependence on cabs or any other form of transport. Such cars come bundled with all India driving permits, 24*7 road side assistance and other benefits to ensure that every journey is hassle free, giving one reason enough to go for this option.

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Another benefit of having a self drive vehicle is mobility. One is not bound by fixed time or ticking kilometres and would not be penalised for overshooting the package limits. Moreover, one can break at will. Be it attending a meeting, grabbing a quick bite, meeting a friend, going on a long drive, there is absolutely anything one can do when one has a car at one’s disposal.

Making the most of one’s time in Bangalore

When one is free from the worry of hailing a taxi or hopping onto a bus every time one needs to travel, one can make the most of the time one saves by visiting tourist attractions in Bangalore or visiting the numerous restaurants serving delicacies. Go mall hopping, do some street shopping or simply drive around exploring the by-lanes of this city.

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Whatever may be the purpose, renting a self drive car is sure to make travelling across the city more pleasurable and comfortable.

R Smith