Blenner Law Group Is The Right Choice For Your All Legal Needs

Walt Blenner has been in the legal business ever since he has started his practice in law in the year 1986 in Palm Harbor. Blenner Law Group has been in Palm Harbor ever since. Walt has completed his graduation in the year 1985 from the Emory University Law School which is situated in Atlanta, Georgia. He has also completed his bachelor’s degree from University of Chicago in Political Science with honors. While he was given admission into the Florida Bar in the year 1986, in the year 1993 he was given admission into the Colorado Bar Association.

Blenner Law Group Is The Right Choice For Your All Legal Needs

Currently, Walt Blenner is an active member in the Clearwater Bar Association, American Justice Association, Colorado Bar Association, and Florida Justice Association and also holds a good standing membership with the Supreme Court of United States in Washington D C. Walt Blenner has also received the Honor of Palm Harbor Attorney Extraordinaire from Connie Davis, President of Palm Harbor Chamber of Commerce as a consideration for his strong legal support and assistance.

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Walt Blenner provides his astounding legal services in the following practice areas:

  • Automobile Accidents – Immediately after a person meets with a accident in a car collision, the first and foremost thing that he or she should do is to receive proper medical attention to get rid of any types of injuries. Then, it is mandatory to call for an injury attorney who will be dealing with the legalities of the incident.
  • Commercial Vehicle Accidents – In Commercial Vehicle Accidents, the loss that occurs is very huge to the owner of those brand new vehicles being transported. So, it is always better to have a lawyer hired to assess your damage and injuries sustained and then proceed in a legal manner.
  • Under Estate Planning, Last Will and Testament deals with handing over all your acquired wealth and assets to your legal heirs, at the time of your last breath. Health Care Surrogate Form deals with appointing a guardian who takes care of your bills and other expenses while you were hospitalized and are receiving a critical treatment.
  • Motorcycle Accidents – Similar to the Automobile Accidents, Motorcycle Accidents are also the circumstances where it is of primary importance that you focus on your medical attention and we take care of all your legal needs that arise from the accident.
  • Wrongful Death – It is very sad for any family when one of their beloved ones has lost the life because of a collision or accident or when one is prematurely died because of certain health condition. In such conditions, the remaining of the family should be very strong at heart and meet a lawyer to see that all the legal needs are intact.
  • It may sound crazy, but it is always better to hire a lawyer to look after your lottery winnings. Yes, you may receive several numbers of doubts such as receiving the amount in timely payments or in lump sum, and may also about the tax payments on the winnings. So, it is better to hire a lawyer for all your lottery winnings.