Business Expert David Highbloom Shares Details About Its Safety and Health Program and Survey For Vaccination Against COVID-19

OfficePartners360 is a leading and credible provider of customer experience solutions that range from live chat to phone calls, social media posts, and email. The company is dedicated to prioritizing the safety and health of its employees. In order to stay committed to the above mission, it has intensified its safety and health program. 

For a start, it has introduced a corporate telecommuting package to enhance support for its intensely successful Work-from-Home Program. The organization is now subsidizing the internet plan every month so that its employees can persistently work remotely with the wired internet. The company also gives its employees point-to-point subsidized shuttles for onsite workers. 

Business Expert David Highbloom Shares Details About Its Safety and Health Program and Survey For Vaccination Against COVID-19

David Highbloom and OP360’s endeavor to look after its Company’s Employees 

David Highbloom has more than 25 years of experience when it comes to building and scaling companies with business process and knowledge industries, including K-12 education, health service, real estate, and consulting. He currently leads OfficePartners360, a top process outsourcing provider focused on persistently raising the bar for global customer experience by combining incredible human resources, innovative technology, and progressive thought leadership. 

Enforcing measures for preventing and controlling COVID-19

As an integral part of its safety and health drive, the company continues to reinforce stringent COVID-19 prevention and control measures. The workstations are distributed across the facilities to abide by the guidelines of social distancing. Besides the above, the company is decontaminating and frequently disinfecting surfaces that are touched frequently.  It also cleans its centralized AC units weekly. 

OP360 has also installed floor markers to promote social distancing and has strategically placed alcohol dispensers throughout its offices. The housekeeping staff of the company has been given full personal protective equipment for their safety. Those employees who are infected with the coronavirus get fully paid medical leave irrespective of whether they are working remotely or onsite. They will receive care packages too. 

Survey for Vaccination against COVID-19 hesitancy 

OP360 recently conducted a COVID-19 vaccination survey to determine and stop vaccine hesitancy in the workforce. In addition to the above, OP360 is enforcing stringent COVID-19 prevention and control measures across the nation exceeding the mandates of government agencies like the Philippines Departments of Health, Labor and Employment, and Trade and Industry. For example, the company needs a Safety & Health Clearance for employees before they can work onsite. OP360 also hosts frequent information drives on the significance of wearing face shields and face masks at the workplace, along with extra safety tips on preventing and controlling COVID-19 infections. 

David Highbloom states that according to the results of the survey, about 69% of the respondents were not keen to take the vaccine. In order to address the above, the company has introduced a COVID-19 vaccination information bulletin for demystifying and encouraging vaccination. 

OP360 has entered into a partnership with Project BalikBuhay and the Office of the Presidential Assistant for the Visayas for registering its employees for free COVID-19 vaccines. Other private companies have joined in the public-private partnership that is one of its kind in Cebu City in the Philippines.