Contact With Pedestrian Accident Lawyer If Undergo The Pedestrian Accident

The most common type of pedestrian accident happens when a person is hit by a car, truck or motorcycle. Pedestrian accidents occur frequently due to the large number of motor vehicles and people who like to walk or run, whether to exercise, to reach a desired destination, or just for fun.

Injuries from pedestrian accidents are usually more serious than other types of injuries, as they involve a car or a heavy truck, which may be traveling at high speed, hitting an unprotected pedestrian, who does not have the advantages of a belt. For this reason, many pedestrian accidents result in negligent deaths and other catastrophic injuries.

Pedestrian accident injuries occur in many different areas, such as at a pedestrian crossing, on a non-pedestrian street, with or without a traffic light or stop sign, on a sidewalk (curb) when a vehicle skips the sidewalk or By carelessness it leaves a parking lot or in any other place that cars and pedestrians can collide with each other.

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Contact With Pedestrian Accident Lawyer If Undergo The Pedestrian Accident

What to do if you get involved with a pedestrian accident

If you or a loved one is involved in a pedestrian accident, it is very important to obtain as much information as possible about the vehicle and the driver involved. This should include the license plate, the make and model of the vehicle, the driver’s full name, current telephone number and address, and the driver’s license number, as well as his / her insurance company and number of policy.

It is a good practice to actually see the other person’s driver’s license and copy all of it and not just trust what the other driver tells you. Because pedestrian accidents occur in many different ways and often involve very complicated situations, victims or their families should call accidental lawyer immediately. In general, it is best to call from the accident site, so accidental lawyer can help you get the best medical care, as well as compensation for the victim’s injuries and damages.

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In a recent case, the emergency room wanted to unload injured client, but due to a lawyer from office who went to the emergency room to help clients, the hospital changed its position and not only kept clients during the night, but then more time due to the serious injuries of client!

Damages in cases of pedestrian accident injuries

Our attorneys fight to obtain the medical care and compensation that our injured clients deserve, including all the damages allowed by California law for all injuries sustained, such as the following:

  • All past charges and the future doctor, hospital, physical therapy, psychological, cosmetic and dental charges;
  • All past and future losses of income and also all time lost at work;
  • Loss of enjoyment of life and activities that he lost;
  • All past pain and the future, suffering, emotional anguish;
  • And any and all other appropriate damages allowed under California law.
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Let someone with experience in handling these matters help you. Read Adam Kutner Reviews for a free consultation with an experienced injury lawyer.

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