Creative and Exciting Marketing Ideas To Promote Business

Although increasing attention is being giving to digital marketing, the relevance of print marketing has not diminished substantially. Printed promotional products are tangible to your brand image and still have a vital role to play in the marketing plan of small, as well as international businesses. In fact, printed promotional items have gained even more prominence with the emergence of digital printing which has made the process simpler and inexpensive.

Creative and Exciting Marketing Ideas To Promote Business

Here are some suggestions by 55print company and successful small business owners that can be used effectively for offline marketing:

Posters and Banners

As these are printed on large sheets of vinyl, mesh, or fabrics they allow you to show your products and services to a large audience and get their attention on a large scale. Posters can be used to announce seasonal discounts, sales, or special services. Due to their customizable nature, posters can be made to look vibrant and get and retain attention easily. Banners can be put up at events, both indoors and outdoors. They can be used for sponsorship purpose or to announce the launch of new products and services.

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Promotional Apparel

Branding products that can be worn is an effective as well as long-lasting promotional strategy. Whether donned by staff members or by fans and customers, wearable apparel with your name on it is a great way to increase brand awareness. Before printing the products, make sure that they stand out and are of good quality. In addition to this, there should be a clear distinction between a branded work uniform and a branded t-shirt gifted to a customer.

Postcards and Branded Envelopes

Postcards have versatile marketing uses. They can be used to send out thank you notes, or can be used to send seasonal greetings to the customers. The great thing about using postcards for marketing is that they create an image of a company that care about its customers in the sub conscious mind of the receiver. Having branded envelopes is a nice touch and something that the customers can come to associate with mail from your company.

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Printing Business Cards and Loyalty Cards

These may look like little pieces of papers that will soon be discarded by the customer, but this is far from the truth. Printed business cards can be handed out at professional meetings, conferences, exposes and also social events and really pack a great marketing punch.

Advantages of Business and Loyalty Cards

Business cards allow the client or the customer to create a mental link to the company and can be shared by them with friends and family.  These cards offer a magnificent way to organize all the relevant information about your brand and present it to potential customers. Loyalty cards are inexpensive incentives that encourage a customer to keep coming back.

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Combining the elements of good design, eye-catching illustrations, and recognizable logo printed marketing products have made it easier to significantly increase brand awareness on a marginal budget. Some of the above printed items such as banners and posters can be reused if stored properly.

Rama K