Delhi – The Hub Of Tourism In Central India

Delhi is the true representation of India in 21st century not just in terms of developments, being a chief business hub, or being a significant epicenter of education but also in terms of culture, traditions, art, religion, lifestyle, etc. Being the capital of the country, it plays host to a number of significant entities, including, Parliament House, Presidential Palace, Supreme Court, AIIMS (the largest governmental medical institution), headquarters of the three wings of Indian defense as well as different political parties, and a couple more. The city is undoubtedly the most significant city in the country. Home to a large mass of several significant historic monuments and dotted with numerous attractions of modern days, the city also boasts of a large and flourishing tourism industry. It is one of the most tourist frequented cities experiencing a continuous footfall of visitors, even though the place is quite infamous for experiencing weather extremities. Another major reason for the large counts of tourists visiting the city is it is close proximity to a couple of other most popular tourist destinations in India. It serves as the gateway to access the other tourist destinations and shares excellent connectivity with them.

Delhi - The Hub Of Tourism In Central India

A large influx of tourists and visitors evidently resulted in the large counts of hotels and other lodging options. Hotels in Delhi near railway station, hotels near IGI airport, and budget hotels are quite popular amongst the tourists. If you seek a luxurious stay there is a series of world-class luxury hotels on Motilal Nehru Marg.

The entire Delhi tourism can be divided into two distinct parts viz. the contemporary aspect and the modern aspect. What constitutes the contemporary part are the old monuments from the British era as well as time before the British era. Delhi has been built-destroyed-rebuilt multiple times and the place is full of minarets, temples, mosques, forts, palaces, bungalows, etc. On the other hand, the modern aspect is the representation of the city being liberal, truly modern, and dynamic. For travellers who seek the glamour and giltz, there are shopping malls housing a comprehensive range of national and international outlets, art and cultural centres, excellent libraries, international food chains, restaurants, sports clubs, bars, etc.

Delhi is always milling with people, full of energy and life and going about their business. It is fast paced, fast enough that it overwhelms the first time visitors with its action filled daily life. Every single moment in the city is a large event and it will be a waste if you do not enjoy it. The city’s calendar is marked by a series of cultural events, dance performances, education fairs, auto shows, seminars, etc. that further add different colors to the city’s tourism. A couple of significant points of interest that are a must-see are: Red Fort, Parliament House, Presidential Palace, India Gate, Qutub Minar, Lotus Temple, National Museum, Raj Ghat, etc.

Additionally, there are certain amazing tourist destinations in close proximity to the city; Vrindavan and Mathura being two of them. Both the towns are highly sacred towns and share close association with Lord Krishna. Embark on a religious journey from Delhi to Vrindavan by car and spend a relaxing spiritual vacation in the two holy towns.

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