Get The Best Investment Banking Services That Can Help In Raising Capital

Unlike the normal banking services, investment banking is not related with savings and fixed deposits and is not used by the common people on a regular basis. Investment banking is a totally different concept which is basically a process that is used by the investors, depositors, stake holders or shareholders or by those looking for investors in order to raise capital or funds for their businesses. It helps a government, a company or even an individual to raise capital. In addition, investment banking also offers services such as buying or selling of derivatives, market making, and foreign exchange. The investment banking companies make their money by charging commissions and fees for the services that they offer rather than from the interest payments.

Get The Best Investment Banking Services That Can Help In Raising Capital

NMS Capital Securities LLC is a registered broker-dealer that offers NMS Investment Banking serviceswith grander investment banking advisory services to assist the clients achieve their individual capital objectives and goals. Some of the important services offered by the company include:

  • Buy-side advisory services
  • Sell-side advisory services
  • Recapitalizations
  • Divestitures
  • Corporate and Financial Structuring
  • Preferred Equity
  • Convertible Notes
  • Corporate Debt
  • Fairness Opinions
  • Private Funds Structuring
  • Joint Ventures
  • Business development
  • Compliance and Marketing Oversight
  • EB-5 Capital Advisory
  • Due Diligence and Valuation Services
  • Transaction Structuring
  • Global Capital Sourcing
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NMS Capital Securities LLC functions as a subsidiary of NMS Capital Group, LLC and is located in Beverly Hills, California, U.S.A. According to the Los Business Journal, the company has been placed amongst the top ten Investment Banks in the Los Angeles. Mr. Trevor M. Saliba has founded this prestigious NMS Capital and is currently serving as Chairman and CEO of the company. After graduating from the Harvard Business School, Trevor has been in this field for years. The company employs over thirty professionals with comprehensive international capital markets knowledge all over the various offices that are located globally. These employees have opined on and have completed over billion in acquisitions, mergers and capital markets transactions. Apart from investment banking services, NMS Capital Group, LLC offers asset management platform, brokerage trading service as well as Advisory and Management Consulting Services to high end customers from the industries like Real Estate, Media, Private Equity, Banking, Construction and Engineering, Venture Capital, Consumer Products and manufacturing industry. The company is an autonomous, private firm that offers varied financial services to the customers. The company believes in providing top quality services to its customers by exceeding the expectations of the clients.

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The NMS Capital Securities LLC is registered with the SEC (U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission) and FINRA (member of the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority) and the SIPC (Securities Investor Protection Corporation). The company offers the best investment banking facilities to the clients so that they can raise their individual capitals without any challenge.

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Thus, it can be concluded by stating that investment banking is a complex concept; however, it is true that many big establishments would be lost without the assistance, financing, and strategy that are provided by these organizations.