Hair Transplant: Myth vs Reality

Most of the people want to regain their confidence and good looks with fuller hair. But, there are some of the common myths which stop them from opting from hair transplant. The process of hair transplant is safe and does not have side-effect if the best trichologist has been consulted. These myths need to be busted rather than living in the bubble of things which are not true about hair transplant. Some people believe these baseless points as a fact and do not seek further medical advice on hair transplant.

On the other hand, it can be clearly stated that cosmetic industry is doing its best to lend natural and attractive persona through hair transplant treatment. But, some people are unable to transform their personality as they are surrounded by numerous myths related to this process. Thus, let’s take a look at some of the common myths about this clinical procedure and present the reality behind them:

Hair Transplant: Myth vs Reality

Myth # 1: Hair transplant procedure lends unnatural look

Reality: The results offered by hair transplant are absolutely natural. A certified surgeon diagnoses the area to be examined before starting the process. Thereafter, he adjust angle of the hair graft to be applied to the area which looks natural.

Myth # 2: Hair transplant is just for men

Reality: Due to the prevalence of male pattern baldness, many people have a preconceived notion that hair transplant is just for men. But, the fact is different types of balding pattern exist originally. Therefore, hair loss, hair thinning or any other related issues can affect men and women. But, hair transplant processes FUT and FUE processes are beneficial in treating these problems.

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Myth # 3: Hair transplant surgery is very painful

Reality: Local anaesthesia is given to the patient during the treatment, so, there does not arise a situation of feeling the pain. Most of all, the person can go home the same day and continue with regular activities from the next day.

Myth# 4: Hair transplant delivers instant results.

Reality: The hair which get transplanted are likely to fall off in three weeks. However, the roots keep growing. After the blood gets supplied to the roots, it lasts forever. The growth of roots start in over 60 days and within 9-12 months, the best growth is witnessed. There are three stages of hair growth classified in the hair transplant process, namely, deluge, cartage and anlagen phase.

Myth# 5: FUT is a better hair transplant technique as compared to FUE

Reality: These two hair transplant methods have their unique significance and cannot be replaced. Any certified surgeon who has provision of FUT and FUE will always recommend the treatment after proper examination. The severity of patient’s condition is considered before advising any of these two methods. At times, the combination of FUT and FUE is also utilized for better results.

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Myth# 6: Hair transplant is not suitable for older people

Reality: Age does not have any connection with the hair transplant process. It is all about the DHT hormone and its effect on front top of the head. This myth has no scientific reasoning and instead the hair presence on the backside of hair decides if the individual is eligible for hair transplant.

Myth# 7: Bigger grafts of hair lead to more density

Reality: The number of grafts used in the hair transplant process determine the density and not their size. Moreover, the bigger grafts can lend a look of unnatural hair if used during the treatment.

Myth# 8: One should not wash hair after the hair transplant treatment

Reality: In order to keep hair graft clean and scalp free of infection, one should wash newly grafted hair. The treated area does not get affected by hair wash in any manner.

Apart from the above myths, it can be stated that people still are unsure about visiting the hair transplant clinic. Be it the popular myth or fear of looking bit different with the newly grafted hair, they are often looking for the information before actually choosing the trichologist. On the contrary, it is ideal to take consultation of the certified doctor who can guide the patient rightly. He is the best person to address all the queries, clarify the inhibitions and assure him/her about the sure-shot outcome.

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Furthermore, it should be noted that finalizing the services of certified doctor after seeking a consultation is the best idea to obtain best hair transplant results. Nevertheless, it is highly recommended that only reliable and leading hair transplant surgeons are contacted for advice. It is far much beneficial than assuming the myths as reality. Lastly, it can be concluded that one should research online and find a doctor to address all the queries and experience the new natural look after the hair transplant treatment.