Process To Apply Clip In For Curly Virgin Remy Hair Extension

Adding extensions to your hair is much easier if you know which kind of hair extension suits you. Curly hair extensions are really an exciting way to add grace and enough of length you your hair. Women all over the world are switching to curly virgin Remy hair extension as they are achieving amazing results. There are many beautiful range of curly hair extension made of 100% human hair. These are very resistant to shedding and tangles. Most of the Curly hair extensions are made in such a way that it blends with your natural hair.

These days hair extensions are becoming an essential part of women’s wardrobe. They look quite appealing and fashionable. Hair is one of the most essential parts of the human body, it helps enhancing your personality. Curly hair extensions are much in trend these days. If you want to buy virgin Remy hair extension, then you can easily buy them online.

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Many times people with curly hair crave to make certain changes to their hair. Some of the traditional methods like thickening spray and using roller make your hair frizzy and it is quite time taking. The clip in curly hair extension is really fooling proof and you cannot figure out even if somebody is using it.

Most clips in virgin Remy hair extensions are available in various length, texture and color. Once you get the style that closely matches your natural hair, they can be considered ideal as clip in.

Steps to apply clip in to your virgin Remy hair extension:

First Step: So as to start with, make sure that your hair has been treated with moisturizers for curly hair. Part the hair just above the ear and clip it. This is the first place to clip in the curly hair extension. Gradually you will have to make 3-4 parts of the same width as you do it towards the crown of your head.

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Second Step: Use a fine comb to take your hair upwards in parts, one by one. The friction in the hair makes it quite easier for the clip in to last the grip for long into your hair.

Third Step: Attach the clip in just below your first part, it will stick to your hair easily. Repeat the steps one by one through the three remaining clip ins as you work your way up to the rest of the sections of hair.

Fourth Step: Once all the extensions are placed properly. Carefully trim the clip ins so that they are just an inch longer than your natural hair. This will give a very appealing look and also ensures that you do not trim your own hair. You can easily remove them by un-snapping them. As compared to virgin Remy hair extension, synthetic hair has less shelf life.

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Virgin Remy Hair Extension is much in demand these days because of its unbeatable quality. It is very much liked by all our customers and it is quite easy to use. When it comes it the maintenance it needs much care and smooth and careful handling.