Helping Guide Lines to Spend Your Weekend in Midst of Beauty Spots of Memphis

There is no second opinion about the vastness of the ancient city of Tennessee along with its ever beautiful Memphis. To spend weekend in the city will be a wonderful way to relax and enjoy, however you need to consider few factors to make it your best weekend.

The prominent places to visit:

  • All the world popular museums. It will be enjoyable to visit National Civil Rights Museum if you love American Civil rights history. Pink Palace museum is well known for viewing the fossils of extinct animals like Dinosaurs.


There is even a planetarium to watch in awe the outer space. Rock ‘n’ Soul museum is heaven for music lovers as it is the birth spot of the Rock n Roll music and varied other original tunes of Memphis musicians.

For children there is wonder museum in the city where they can play varied games and enjoy rides like merry go round. To their delight there is FedEX plane showing the delivering of packages. This make to believe adult world for children has all year visit even from elder tourists.

  • Enjoy the greeneries of garden scenario. Memphis a garden city, must to visit among all the vast gorgeous gardens the city nestles is the ‘Dixon Gallery and Gardens. The gallery is home of numerous rare Impressionist masterpieces. The seventeen acre garden surrounding the gallery has all the nature beautiful blooming flowers, scenic bridges and dazzling fountains. It is a great picnic spot and must to visit place of nature lovers.
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  • Visit Graceland. Even people not high on music prefer to visit the mansion of Elvis, the second most visited private living place next to the White House of Washington. It has an exhibition hall where you can watch all the recordings, albums and even listen to never forgetting music of the Elvis Presley’s music era.


  • Don’t forget to visit the well known Beale Street. There in midst of dazzling night lights you can hear the beautiful live music of Rack and Blues. You can have best barbeque food and drinks at the foodie joints nestled in between the bright shining attractive shops.
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  • To spend calm weekend walk along the bank of Mississippi river. You can have solitary walk or fun spree bike ride with friends near the bridge connecting Tennessee and Arkansas. The pedestrian bridge a mile long fondly known as Big River Crossing across the ever gorgeous river.


  • Feel happy doing moral spotting. If you love street art the city is wonderful place to explore. You can walk through N. Watkins Street or walk the streets of South Main to view few exceptional murals.


To eat and stay will ever be a problem in the city as there are affordable well secured accommodations available in every city zone. As the city is well known for its local barbeque culinary skills, you will ravish every special savory at reasonable price. To book at the popular Memphis hotels log on to the city lodging providing website links. There you can even compare the cost and make bookings after reading customer reviews.

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