How Do You Sell Online Courses In India?

While teaching an online course, it’s a great deal to leverage your skills while earning a side income. Irrespective of what topic you are best at, reading an online course is something you shouldn’t leave for later. Right from marketing to hand-lettering, there is an insanely high demand for the topic. There are professionals & enthusiasts who are eager to learn from someone who knows about a topic.

In order to sell online courses, you need a comprehensive & well-thought-out plan. You need to create a strategy that includes bringing the people into your sales & marketing funnel.

The most convenient, simplest & the most affordable way to sell online courses in India is to use online course platforms like Spayee. Selling courses online is deemed a complex process. However, once you have figured out a strategy that’s effective for you, it’s an easier path ahead. Once your online course content is ready and uploaded on Spayee, start selling them.

How Do You Sell Online Courses In India?

Here are a few things that you can include in your online marketing strategy:

Promote your course on your blog

If you are yet to begin active blogging, start now. Create a blog & stay active at it. There are various micro blogging sites like LinkedIn or Twitter which you can leverage as well. Having a blog where you are at liberty to share the insights of your courses is a must. Once you are consistently putting out content, regularly engage with your target audience as well. Blogging on your website would also help you with the Google search ranking. Being able to grab that top seat would help you experiment with the content while grabbing sales organically.

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Start a YouTube

Create a YouTube channel on the topic which is oddly related to your course topic. If the audience for your channel is your ideal online course audience, you are in the right direction. If you have already created a course, you must be comfortable with the camera by now as well. When you start to share the snippets of your whole online course module, give a backlink to it the keywords in the description.

Create a dedicated Social Media Pages

A dedicated Facebook Page, Instagram handle, Twitter & LinkedIn accounts are actually pretty great for acquiring prospects. You can share valuable content there, build a loyal audience, run online ad campaigns as well as send them to your online course website. It’s cheap, free & direct. User interaction is supposedly easier to carry out.

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Promotional Video

The popularity of video content has been on a crazy high. It gets clicked on the most. Hence, the most-watched social media content is always video content. That’s why it makes perfect sense to promote your online courses through online promotional videos. You can use FB ads manager to do targeted marketing. It will ensure that your content is being viewed by the right demographics.

Share Live Videos

With videos, online data consumption is highest too. While using online course platforms like Spayee, it’s rather easier to conduct live webinars as well. You can do it straight out of your online course website. Similarly, all the social media channels have ample scope to create & share video content. Once you have built a fairly strong audience for yourself, you could also start coming live while collaborating with other creators as well. In the live sessions, you can talk about a topic, invite an expert, interview someone or bring onboard your learner.

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Build an Email List

Mails are indeed a powerful tool in capturing leads & doing conversions.  Because of remarketing & email marketing, many course creators are doing extremely well in the industry. Hence, it’s absolutely vital to build your email list. When you join online forums & create media handles, you create content and generate email list organically.