The Reason Why People Should Start Buying and Wearing Sustainable Sunglasses

Sunglasses are one of the essential fashion accessories that nearly every person likes to buy and wear. There are two reasons to wear sunglasses which are first to protect the eyes from sun rays and ultraviolet UV rays, and second to look fashionable. People of all ages across the world wear sunglasses which come in a wide range of designs and styles.

The conventional sunglasses available in the market are mostly made from metal or plastic, which may look trendy and stylish but they are not good for the environment once you discard them. The sunglasses that you normally buy are made from a combination of different materials which includes metal, plastic, and paint, the problem is these materials are not biodegradable and will sit in landfills and release toxic chemicals in the surrounding environment.

The main solution to preserve the natural environment is by using sustainable and recyclable materials. The companies that manufacture sunglasses have also realized the negative impact of conventional sunglasses and now designing and developing sustainable sunglasses. Today many companies are offering sunglasses that are not only stylish, but it will protect your eyes, make you look elegant, and be eco-friendly at the same time.

The best sustainable or eco-friendly frames are made from materials such as bamboo, wood, and cork. Bamboo is considered as the fastest growing wood in the world and one of the excellent choice of frame for sustainable sunglasses. Bamboo is stronger than steel, durable, lightweight, can withstand extreme weather, is moisture resistant, and can float on water if you lose them on the sea. The other sustainable materials such as cork and work also have a little negative impact on the environment. Harvesting cork is easy as only the bark from a tree is extracted. Cork is also bio-degradable, fire and water-resistant, a good insulator, and reusable.

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The Reason Why People Should Start Buying and Wearing Sustainable Sunglasses

All over the world, there is massive awareness of climate change and what can people do to prevent drastic weather and climate impacts. The demand for eco=friendly sunglasses is increasing and bamboo is just the best material to replace the metal and plastic frames. You can look trendy, and amazing wearing a pair of handmade bamboo sunglasses. The advantages of buying and wearing sustainable sunglasses are

  • Eco-friendly

The main reason for spending money and putting on sustainable sunglasses is to care for the environment and to prevent elements such as plastic from disturbing the natural environment. You have to think about the present and the future and what the world would be when your kids grow up

  • Lightweight

The handmade sustainable sunglasses such as bamboo sunglasses are very lightweight and comfortable to wear as compared to metallic and plastic sunglasses. Being lightweight makes these sunglasses easy to carry and wear. The metallic sunglasses can be worn only for a few hours after which you start to feel discomfort. The bamboo sunglasses can be worn for hours and you would feel good.

  • Protection against sun rays and UV rays

There are different kinds of protective lenses that can be fitted in the sustainable bamboo frames. The polarized lenses ensure protection against strong sun rays and UV rays which can affect the normal functioning of the eyes. The poly bi-carbonite and polarized lenses protect the eyes from both UVA and UVB rays and the lenses are quite spectacular in design

  • Long-lasting

The metal or plastic frames are susceptible to bending and damage, and a slightly bent will make the sunglasses make it uncomfortable to wear. The eco-friendly bamboo sunglasses are quite rigid and do not easily bend or get damage which makes them durable.

  • Stylish designs

People think that bamboo sunglasses are new in fashion trends, so maybe they are only limited designs but the truth is there is a wide variety of styles in bamboo sunglasses from frame to lenses. The natural properties of bamboo allow it to be styled in many stunning designs and patterns. Your family and friends would be amazing seeing you wearing stylish bamboo sunglasses and would love to buy and wear it too.

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The future of fashion and style trends is a sustainable option for customers. If you are looking to make the environment safe and clean for yourself and future generations, then you must make a wise fashion choice with your clothes and other fashion accessories. Some of the best sustainable sunglasses include

  • Grown Eyewear

The sunglasses from Grown Eyewear based in Australia are all crafted from hardwoods and bamboo. The materials are renewable and free from any toxic substances. The sunglasses have a unique grain pattern.

  • Blue Planet

The main aim of Blue Planet based in California is to combine social responsibility with sustainable sunglasses. All their products are made from natural materials such as bamboo and wood, and recycled materials. On selling a single pair of sunglasses, the company donates one corrective eyewear to a person in need.

  • Proof Eyewear

Proof is one of the notable companies that manufacture wood eyewear from sustainable materials. The company was started by three brothers in Idaho and now has become one of the leading brands selling eco-friendly sunglasses. When you purchase one Proof sunglasses, a $10 donation is given for the particular environmental or social cause.

  • Solo Eyewear
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The trend of making eco-friendly and adventure inspired sunglasses goes to Solo Eyewear based in San Diego, California. Nearly 10% of the profits are donated to corrective glasses, eye exams, and cataract surgeries. The company also uses repurposed bamboo and recycled materials to make sunglasses.

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Mark Campbell is a known fashion expert and writes on the latest fashion trends. He recently wrote on sustainability in fashion and the best sustainable sunglasses that people should buy and wear to leave a positive impact on the environment.

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