Say Yes To Vastu Shastra Tips and Get An Evil Free Home

In big cities or the metropolitan cities like Kolkata, Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore, due to the lack of space and increase of population, the flat or apartment culture has increased on a huge scale. You must agree with the fact that in comparison to the flat culture the independent house culture is poles apart.

In order to reach the present society requirements, lands are used mostly for the housing purposes. This is the reason most of the real estate developers are building the skyscrapers and high-rise apartments. Now, the major problem lies with the people who start living in the Skyscrapers and do not believe in following the Vastu tips. If you have already bought a residential property in Madhyamgram, make sure you do not ignore the Vastu advice at all.

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Say Yes To Vastu Shastra Tips and Get An Evil Free Home

Each homeowner should make sure that they follow the Vastu tips if they want to avoid the evil eyes on their house. No wonder, everyone looks forward to leading a peaceful and successful life. Here below are the useful Vastu Shastra tips to be strictly followed.

Check with the builder that the land where you are buying your flat has a square or rectangular shape without any slope downwards. Remember that it should not have the irregular form like a triangle or hexagonal shape.

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Make sure you check out the open spaces in front of your flat. There should be no ponds near the West and South direction from your apartment. Always remember that an apartment in the Northwest, East or North entrance will bring happiness to the homeowners or residents.This is what the Vastu Shastra principles say. When you are booking a residential property in Madhyamgram, make sure you avoid apartments having Southwest, West, South and Southeast direction. The reason is nothing but these directions brings bad luck to homeowners.

  • An apartment with an open courtyard right in the central position is always a great idea and good for the homeowners.
  • If there are pumps, lawns or a bore well in the complex, make sure the position is the Northeast direction completely.
  • An apartment with balconies in the West and South direction is not at all good. Avoid choosing such apartment as per the Vastu tips.
  • Believe it or not, but colours act like a game changer as per the Vastu principles. Always remember that if a flat or apartment is painted in red, sky blue or black, don’t buy it.
  • If you are planning for a ‘pooja’ room or a room where you can worship the Almighty, make sure it is placed in the East and the North directions.
  • Check, whether the bathroom in your flat is located in between the East and the Northeast direction or the East direction.
  • For bedrooms, the Southern direction is always preferable as per the Vastu principles.
  • Make sure that the bathroom door of your flat does not face the kitchen or dining hall.
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So, when you buy a residential property in Madhyamgram, do pay heed to these above Vastu tips without fail.