How to Evaluate A High-Quality Marijuana Dispensary

Marijuana has become more popular among individuals with chronic illnesses and they often rely on dispensaries to get the marijuana they need to feel comfortable. With an increase in recreational marijuana that has since been legalized in many states, dispensaries are starting to stock marijuana for recreational use. With so many dispensaries around the country, how can you tell evaluate the quality of a marijuana dispensary?

How to Evaluate A High-Quality Marijuana Dispensary

The Smell

When cannabis is cultivated and cured to high standards, it has a very strong smell with a pleasant aroma. Just like traditional flowers that throw off a strong odor, marijuana throws off a strong odor when the quality of the flower is high. High-quality flowers such as pine, diesel, and skunk will throw a variety of strong odors. The stronger the marijuana is, the higher the quality. Of course, it isn’t always possible to smell the odor if the dispensary keeps their stock packaged, so talk to the staff, check online reviews, and don’t let a smell be the only trick you have to tell the value of the stash you’re buying.

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How the marijuana looks also determines the quality such as having a vibrant array of orange-red colors to a purple or bright blue means the flower is appealingly strong and is a top-shelf strain. Marijuana that is of high quality also has something called trichomes in it. Trichomes have a glittering crystal appearance on the surface of the bud. These hold the smell, flower, and effects of marijuana. Trichomes are apparent to the naked eye and are known for their intoxicating and therapeutic potencies.

Marijuana Types

Marijuana dispensaries all around the country that are high-quality dispensaries will have three strands available to include Indica, Hybrid, and Sativa. They also carry several categories in the dispensary to include flowers, concentrates, vaporizers, edibles, and more. Each of these products will have a high content of THC that provides the “high” feeling. However, even if the content is 100% weed, different weed has different grades. High-quality places will be selling mostly “top-shelf bud” or high-grade marijuana. If you see a lot of low-grade stuff sitting on the shelves, you shouldn’t bother digging around for the better stuff.

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Staff Knowledge

Staff at the marijuana dispensary will have a good understanding of the product and counsel you on how the product will benefit you. They will get to know you, your illnesses, or what you’re looking for to help determine if a tincture, flower, concentrate, vaporizer or more will benefit you more. Counselors will explain the levels of strength in marijuana flowers such as THC content, Indica, hybrid, or Sativa and you will determine which one will help you the most or you will have the option to try all three.

With many marijuana dispensaries on the market, it’s important to be able to evaluate the quality of the marijuana dispensary. Now, it can be easy to just hop on the internet and see the reviews of the establishment but knowing what to look for when you actually arrive will give you a better idea of the product you’re purchasing.