How To Tint The Windows In Your Home

When you have tinted windows in your home, you enjoy not only additional privacy and lower energy bills, but also a look that makes your home look even better than usual. However, if you have never tinted your home’s windows, you may think it is a complex job. Yet much to your surprise, you will quickly learn this is a very easy DIY project. If you are ready to tint your home’s windows, here’s how to do the job.

Clean the Windows

First, always clean your windows so that they contain no streaks or dust. If you place tinting film on dirty windows, whatever was on the windows will continue to show up underneath the tinting film, which obviously is not the look you desire.

Measure and Cut

After cleaning, measure your windows and cut the tinting film to size. Remember, measure twice so that you only have to cut once. When you are ready to cut the tinting film, always add at least one extra inch on all sides to give you a bit of a cushion.

Peel off the Film’s Backing

For this step in window tinting, it’s usually best if you have someone to help you peel off the film’s backing. Once the backing is peeled off, it’s very easy for the film to stick to itself. Should this happen, you’ll be cutting another piece since it’s virtually impossible to get it apart once it gets stuck.

Attach and Remove Bubbles

When you’re ready to attach the tinting film to your windows, it’s probably good to have your helper standing by for this step as well. Since most tinting film is activated by water, you will first spray the window and the film. Then, carefully place the film on the window, making sure you get it just where you want it the first time. Once it is in place, remove any air bubbles by using your fingers to push the air to the film’s outer edges.

Trim Your Edges

As your last step, you will trim away any excess film from around the edges of your window. However, don’t do this until you are completely satisfied with how your window looks. Otherwise, you will be kicking yourself while you are starting all over again.

As an easy DIY project you and some family members or friends can do on a weekend, tinting windows in your home will leave more money in your pocket, give you added peace of mind, and provide your home with a unique look everyone will love.