Difference Between Cloud Storage and Cloud Backup

Cloud backup and cloud storage are two services that seems similar, to most of the people. In fact, many time people get confused between these two services and end up choosing a wrong solution for their work. Here, you must understand that cloud storage and cloud backup services are entirely different from each other. Now you must be wondering what the differences are and which one is a good choice for your specific needs. Below we are sharing some details that will  explain the difference between the two and which one you should choose for your work and data safety.

Difference Between Cloud Storage and Cloud Backup
What is Cloud Storage?

In simple words, we can say cloud storage is an online hard drive where you can save your data with the help of internet. The good thing about this storage option is that there is always back up data. You do not have any reason to worry about your loss of data. Also, it is easy to access the data from any computer or internet-enabled device in the world. Another good thing about this kind of storage solution is sharing of data. This means people can securely keep their data online and if they want to share the data with others, it is easier to do that as well with complete control.

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There are multiple services and tools available that provide cloud storage for different needs. These requirements include collaboration with other team members, file sharing with family or friends, and accessing your data from other computers. You can consider this as a manual backup solution with limited features but it is not an alternative to cloud backup services.

What are Cloud Backup Services?

Cloud backup services are possibly the best solution for enterprise and organizations where data backup is critical and important. In cloud storage, you can only store a limited number of data that too has many limitations. Whereas cloud backup services are free from such limitations. In this option, you have a large data backup capacity which can be entire data from the local computer.  There are many online backup services available that can back-up the entire data except operating system and related tools.

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We can say the backup services are the extended version of cloud storage with more complexity and different limitations. This backup option can provide you almost all of your data from any remote location with an internet enabled smart device.  But unlike the storage solutions, the primary task of backup services is taking regular backup of your data, and it is hard to share a particular file with cloud backup services.


People wonder which solution is suitable for them and the answer is both. Cloud backup services provide security from a dreadful situation and cloud storage help you do the collaboration, data sharing and increase of productivity. Hence it is advised that you should choose both the cloud solutions for your computer so that you have optimum productivity and security of data together without any issue or complication.

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