Transport Options To Consider in Valencia

Valencia is not a very big place as compared to other vital Spanish and European cities and t hank to the great public transport services; it is extremely easy to roam around. Buses, metro and trams can aid you reach the city centre. All of these services are quite cheap and their official web portals make it easier to understand and navigate.

Transport Options To Consider in Valencia

Taxi and Private Transfer Services

You may also consider hiring taxi and private transfer Valencia service, as it is also a very inexpensive option and very much convenient. You can even browse through the website of the service; add details on the form to acquire quick quotes and you good to go!

Valencia Metro

Metro service in Valencia is very easy to use and modern too: it is a great approach to get around the island. The overhead line is amazing as it links the beach to the northern Valencia. The metro is imperative as it connects the airport as well as the city Port: moreover it is convenient to reach the city.

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A tram in Valencia happens to be a great alternative to bus as you can completely avoid being stuck in traffic jams. The cost is very much affordable. If you intend to reach the beach, you can take tram and be there with ease.


You will find the main Valencia bus station which is located at Avenida Menédez Pidal. Bus travel in Valencia is beneficial as you will be able to move around the city very conveniently.

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Renfe Trains

The train station in Valencia is the Northern Station and a must see attraction in the Island. It is an incredible example of the modernist’s architecture you will find in the city, specially the train station that has a very straight forward inside layout.

Other Available Options To Move Around In Valencia

Other alternative means to move around Valencia include scooters and bikes. Valencia is a bike friendly place and it is quite common among the tourists using this means of transportation to explore the city. There are several bike lanes along with crossing parks that are located by the beach. You can even rent yourself a bike is also very cheap. If you prefer you do have the scooter options too.

In every case, you may consider the possibility of buying the available Valencia travel card as this would save you money and you will be able to move around the city conveniently.

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