Maintaining Your Furnace For Winter

During the winter it is freezing, and everyone needs a heater to warm the house. You need to maintain your heater to service your home for a long time. Most people tend to forget the use of a furnace during the summer season and when the time comes to use the heater it does not work properly. Here are some of the steps on how to maintain the furnace:


  1. Changing the air filter.

Filters should be monitored frequently and changed after a period. Filters could trap dust. Therefore, the cooling and heating process could fail and hence poor circulation of air. A dirty filter will require a lot of electricity to run since it will need more energy compared to clean air.

  1. Heating the thermostat.

You should heat the furnace once in a while to make sure that the furnace is still working in good condition. Heating the thermostat once in awhile will also ensure that there is always circulation of air.

  1. Installing storm windows.

Installation of storm windows helps to conserve energy since the storm windows contribute to decreasing the circulation of air in and out of the windows, therefore, reducing the cost used for heating and cooling. Their high insulation power also helps to lessen the circulation of air and is easy to clean and open with no fear of breaking.

  1. Checking the chimney severally.
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Once in awhile, you should inspect the chimney to know if the bricks and mortar are in right conditions which are the major parts of the stack. Once the chimneys are in good shape, then there won’t be pollution of air and the environment which is not good for one’s health.

  1. Checking the burner’s condition.

During the summer, there is usually a lot of dust, and therefore burners could have a lot of dirt or rust, and this can prevent the working of the furnace. You should clean it severally and ensure it is not dusty or wet to avoid rust.

  1. Oiling the furnace blower.

When preparing your furnace, all heating parts should be ready for use and in a good working condition which include cleaning them and oiling them. Lubricating the blower helps it to run properly and for a long period without wearing it out first. Oiling also helps the fan not to produce the loud sounds when working due to lack of grease.

  1. Working of the thermostat.
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A thermostat should be checked every once in awhile to make sure it is working efficiently. A thermostat should start automatically without problems, and if it does not then it should be changed before it brings about a lot of challenges. An automatic thermostat is better since you can switch it off whichever place you are and will save you a lot of energy and money.

  1. Checking the ventilation.

There are so many movements that occur in the house and therefore dust may be blown around, and if the ventilations are open, then there will be no proper circulation of air. Lack of ventilation of air could also lead to overheating of the room since there is no heat leaving the room. This heat could result in overheating of the furnace and hence not able to perform it work efficiently.

  1. Cleaning the furnace early enough.
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Cleaning the furnace early could help in maintaining the condition of the furnace because it is always in good shape.

Written by the staff of Controlled Aire Heating and Cooling in Moberly, MO.

Mike W