Pond Maintenance: A Few Tips To Keep Pond Water Clean

A home pond or lake can add beauty to a garden or backyard.  Most gardeners know the importance that clean water plays in a pond habitat. But, one of the biggest frustrations of owning a garden pond is knowing what to do when the water turns green, muddy and gross! A periodic weekly maintenance is what exactly needed to keep the backyard pond clean and clear. The most common causes of green or gross pond water are the growth of algae in the pond. Once large grows, they seem nearly impossible to get rid of.  Algae growth usually increases in the spring times when water gets hot and the sunlight increase. If it does, do not panic!

Follow the below mentioned tips to keep the pond water clean and clear.

Pond Maintenance: A Few Tips To Keep Pond Water Clean


Aerate the pond using aeration devices. Pond aeration systems will increase the oxygen amount in the pond water and help bacteria to break down the organic waste substances.  The reduction in carbon dioxide levels means fewer food particles for algae and algae needs nutrients to survive. It’s advisable to have the aerators placed close to the surface of lake or pond, not deep in water.

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Feeding the fishes more than they can actually eat, allows the uneaten food to be left to decay in the pond water. Don’t feed the fishes in your pond for more than once in a day, and not more than they can eat. It’s also advisable to remove all the excess, leftover food particles.


One of the cheapest, but time-consuming methods of keeping the pond water clean is to manually clean the pond. Check the pond for the algae growth once in a week.  If you have seen any, try to remove it from the water with the help of a long stick or rake. Also, remove the debris and leaves floating on the water. Fish waste and leftover, combine with decaying debris, can cause ammonia level to increase in the pond. You can also use a long-handled net, specially designed to keep pools and ponds clean.

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A healthy pond should have a variety of native plants. Less aquatic plants in the ponds also lead to poor water conditions. Plants help in breaking down the substances in the pond. Both floating plants and submerged plants use nutrients in pond water, thereby improving the quality of water.  Well, it’s quite strange but it’s sometimes good to have some algae in the pond, as the algae stuck or attached to stones at the bottom the ponds helps to keep water clean. This pond management plan will definitely work.

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There are several factors that cause the pond water to turn into a dirty green soupy mess,  it’s better to try all the above-mentioned tips and fix the problem.

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