The Importance Of Employing Services Of A Professional Koi Pond Construction Company

People are always looking to enhance the looks of the house, mostly by doing renovation and remodeling. Commonly, most homeowners tend to focus on renovating the interior space as most of the time is spent indoors. But families also like to plan barbecue parties in their patio every once in a while. If you are thinking of increasing the looks of the house, then there is nothing more beautiful than a colorful koi pond.

Aquariums are typical features in most homes, and people keep small good fishes in them. A garden or backyard pond are bigger versions of aquariums. The koi ponds are also called ‘water gardens’ and can add a beautiful touch to your house. Koi fishes are natural fishes of Japan and known for their unique coloring and patterns. The koi fishes have a wide range of colors, such as red, orange, blue, white, black, and yellow. A koi pond will be an amazing addition along with your garden, or you can build a koi pond in the backyard space. You can sit back, relax, and enjoy the sound of water in the pond along with colorful koi fishes swimming in it.

The koi ponds serve as large swimming tanks or pools for the koi fishes as there are no gravel, rocks, or even aquatic plants in the pond. The koi ponds are built with straight down lines, and there are no steps. The idea of a koi pond may attract you, but you need the services of a professional pond contractor who can manage all the major and minor tasks needed to construct the koi pond. You can add other features in the koi pond, such as waterfalls and fountains, but it will all depend on the space you have and the budget. Koi ponds are although not a landscaping option such as water ponds, and hybrid ponds and are made to keep the koi fishes.

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The Importance Of Employing Services Of A Professional Koi Pond Construction Company

The koi pond construction companies offer homeowners all the help needed to build a beautiful koi pond. The pond construction companies employ skilled and experienced pond contractors who use their skills to construct different types of ponds, which includes a fish pond, biological pond, mini pond, koi pond, plant pond, and swimming pond. The pond contractor will meet you and determine various aspects of construction which includes

  • Location of the pond

The first aspect of construction is the location of the koi pond, whether you want it beside the garden or in the backyard. The surrounding area also matters because if there are trees, then you would require a skimmer to remove the fallen leaves.

  • Size of the pond

A large pond may help you to keep the koi fish, but it also means installing larger equipment such as filtration, pumps, and liner. A koi pond with a depth of 4 feet is ideal as it will also allow the koi fish to remain in winters.

  • Quality of the pond

A small sized koi pond not only looks beautiful, but it also requires minimum maintenance. The pond contractor will install all the necessary equipment to maintain the quality of the koi pond that includes both mechanical and biological filters, along with a pump and an aeration system.

  • Exposure of sunlight
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A koi pond exposed to full sunlight would require a heavy-duty filtration system to prevent the growth of algae. You should pick a location that offers an equal amount of both sunlight and shade to the koi pond.

  • Costs

The construction of a koi pond can be expensive due to the cost of the koi fish and managing the various aspects of construction. A typical koi pond is 3 feet deep and requires 1000 gallons of water.

The pond construction companies have the workers, supplies, and equipment to ensure proper construction of the koi pond. The pond contractor manages pond construction regularly and knows about the trend of pond designs that he can suggest to you. The pond contractor will guide you through the design process and give you valuable insight on how to look after the koi pond. He can also ask you about the additional features you may like to add, such as water fountain, waterfalls, and underwater lighting system. The steps a koi pond construction company takes to build a koi pond are

  • Planning stage

The placement of the koi pond is key, and usually heavy root systems and overhead electrical lines are avoided. A place with an equal amount of sunlight and shade is selected

  • Excavation

The pond contractor will mark not only the perimeter of the pond but place where the pond equipment such as skimmer, pump, and filter will be installed.

  • Installing liner
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The pond contractor will line the entire pond, and the liner will extend by 1 foot to allow the rock and earth to settle. The liner will be extended behind the waterfall to prevent water from escaping

  • Placing rocks and gravel

Rocks and stones will be placed to keep the liner in place.

  • Making connections

The skimmer will be connected to the spillway using a PVC (polyvinylchloride) flex pipe. The pump will be placed at the back of the skimmer. The solids handling pump will be connected to the pressure filter and then directly into the pond

  • Filling the pond

The pond will be filled with water, and a de-chlorinator is added. The pumps and filter system will be started, and proper functioning will be checked. Fishes and surrounding plants can be added after a few days

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