Shopping For Laboratory Mixers Made Easy

Mixers and stirrers are used extensively in research labs that are a part of chemical industries such as paint manufacturers, pharmaceuticals, biotech firms, etc. The production of suitable homogenous mixture is of prime importance in such industries, which relies on optimal chemical reactions to achieve favorable results. These laboratory mixers are used to mix a variety of components such as dry blending, emulsifying, paste mixing, etc.

The need for explosion proof mixers

Some of the chemicals used in a lab setting can be highly combustible and volatile. In such cases, even if stray fumes from the chemical come in contact with a spark, they can lead to disastrous accidents. Electric motors used in most stirrers are at a higher risk of generating sparks/ heating up within the module, especially when in use for longer periods. Thus, care has to be taken to enclose the motor in a secure setting where it becomes impossible for the fumes to reach such high risk parts. It is common to use an air compressor setup to cool the motor, especially when the stirrer is in use.

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The air stirrer

An air powered stirrer is primarily used in a laboratory owing to its light weight and small size. The explosion proof air mixers for laboratories have high starting torque, thus enabling them to reach a sufficient RPM rate, even when working with highly viscous liquids. The speed of the motor corresponds to the air supply, which makes it easier to adjust when required.

The spent air from the unit is directed away from the stirring mechanism, which keeps the mixing unit clean and free of any contamination. The air flow is directed via a shaft, which effectively separates the stirrer from the air, thus eliminating the chances of moisture getting into the gear mechanism.

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Advantages of laboratory mixers

  • These mixers are designed specifically to meet the requirement of a laboratory setting. They are easy to control and manage, therefore ensuring that they meet up with all necessary laboratory requirements.
  • These stirrers come with a slew of features and additional accessories to ensure smooth start and stop operations. These additional accessories are either available with the stirrers or you can get them as aftermarket parts.
  • Since they are designed to operate in a laboratory setting, they can be used for prolonged periods without any concern of frequent wear and tear. Continual mixing capabilities give researchers a better insight into the changes that the contents undergo while being mixed.
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Once you have prepared the list of lab equipments that you need for your projects, look for the best products online to make your operations seamless and successful. Click here to buy laboratory equipment online.

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