Simple Ways You Can Prepare Your Home For Staging Before Listing It

Getting the most money out of your home requires that you do everything possible to make it appear perfect for homebuyers. Staging a home is a common tactic that real estate agents use to get a higher value for a home. Here are four simple ways that you can prep your home for staging to ensure you get the most money out of your investment.

Simple Ways You Can Prepare Your Home For Staging Before Listing It

Keep It Simple

Since you’re going to be moving your items into a new home anyway, it makes sense to start packing up items that you aren’t using. You need to realize that staging is all about keeping it simple. You don’t want your home to appear crowded with stuff. You want to keep it minimal and clean-looking. Take some time to assess every room of your home and determine what needs to be put into storage.

Put Your Personal Items Away

Now, it’s time to take action. Package up all of your items that you’re not going to be using for the short-term. This includes things like family pictures on the walls, vases that decorate your stands, and those old exercise machines you haven’t touched in a while. Everything that you don’t immediately need should be put in a U-Stor-It mini storage. This will ensure that your items stay safe and your home can be transformed into a minimalistic look. The fewer personal items you have in your home, the easier it’s going to be for homebuyers to picture themselves living there.

Clean Everything

You want your home to look its best. This means cleaning everything. That includes window sills, under the fridge, the carpets, and so forth. When things appear clean, people perceive them as having a higher value. Don’t skip out on your cleaning efforts, as the human eye can pick up on the grime.


When it comes to the items that you’ll be keeping in your home to use until it sells, you need to consider organization. Your kitchen pots, pans, and plates should all be organized. The clothes in your closets should be organized and neat. Everything down to the magazines on your coffee table should be neatly organized to promote an overall clean look for your home.

Prepping your home for staging is something that you should highly consider doing. Staging allows your real estate agent to show your home in its best light and get you a higher sale price. Be sure to follow the tips above and the ones provided by your agent.