Sisal Carpets Are Perfect For Domestic Use As Well As In Professional Settings

Art of carpet making has been flourishing since the ancient days in the Middle Eastern countries. It was mainly used in these Islamic countries as the floor covering they would kneel on during their prayer meeting. Initially it was the created by nomadic herdsmen who used to weave the carpet by using the wool from their sheep or the hairs from their goats. Later on, weavers introduced various designs in embroidery patterns adding gold, silver and different precious stones. Such expensive creations were only affordable to rich people of either royal rank or successful merchants. Persian carpets have been popular for centuries and are still in high demand among the carpet lovers. Nowadays, carpets or the rugs are manufactured from the various types of biodegradable fibers which don’t have any negative impact on the environment even after these materials are thrown away. Such biodegradable fibers are actually derived from the appropriate plant, such as jute, sisal or seagrass fibers.

Sisal Carpets Are Perfect For Domestic Use As Well As In Professional Settings

Sisal carpets are made from the extracted fiber of the Agave Sisalana cactus which is dried. It is then used in a loom to weave the carpet or rug of varying sizes or dimensions. Sisal carpets are in demand across the globe owing to several reasons which are highlighted as follows:

  • It is natural fiber which can be used then recycled after it is thrown away. On the contrary, synthetic fibers can cause pollution, especially when they are burnt. More importantly, synthetic fibers are not long lasting products because they wear out with the passage of time. On the contrary, the coarse fiber used in sisal carpets deliver the long lasting efficiency they are known for. No hard stain or dirt can affect the body of the sisal carpet and it can be easily cleaned with a vacuum cleaner. Anything made from sisal fibers will shrink after coming in contact with wet conditions or watery substances which is why they are not recommended for outdoor use. That said, sisal carpets are highly suitable for use in the well ventilated indoor regions of your home or office space. Exposure to sunlight can affect the dyed areas of the carpet which can actually fade very quickly.
  • It has a natural anti static property which means that it does not produce the static electricity that can affect the users like synthetic fibers can. It is often used because of its safety factors including being fire-resistant and often described as a safe and worthy investment.
  • Sisal carpets are known to absorb the sounds. So it is perfect for use in large halls with wooden floors.
  • Sisal carpets are available in a range of versatile styles and patterns and are affordable for people from different financial backgrounds. It can either fit into the domestic set up or in a commercial property, such as an office. It is the natural look that makes it applicable in every setting.
  • Sisal carpets are suitable for those people who are suffering from asthma or different types of allergies.
  • It forms the smooth surface for you or your guests to walk on and it raises the comfort of your feet during the movement in the form of a massage.
  • During the cultivation, sisal plant does not require chemical fertilizers. It is mainly grown in the subtropical areas of China, Brazil, Mexico and South Africa.
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Whilst there are many rug or carpet manufacturers in the market weaving different carpets with the natural fibers, the chances of high purity of fibers might be less than expected. We recommend you contact the Floorspace for purchasing sisal carpets mainly because of their exclusive designs and patterns. Floorspace Sisal carpets are extremely popular in Australia, which is their local market. As the raw material reaches the organization, it uses sophisticated machinery to clean the material. You can order their sisal carpets in its customized form by visiting the store or going online. Customers are given the opportunity to select the design and color patterns for manufacturing the most suitable rugs or carpets from sisal. They offer the facility of installing either on your walls or on the floor and provide interior decoration tips.

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