Go Natural With Floorspace Sisal Floor Rugs

The advent of industrial advancement has brought about a revolution in the lives of common people. Purchases have reduced and supplies surpassed the demands, thereby giving vent for a hike in consumers goods and choices. One major drawback of the trend is the offset of natural materials and the shift from a naturalistic approach to industrially manufactured goods. Its consequences are being witnessed as rising pollution levels and increasing  global crisis. It has posed a threat to human survival and the dire the need of the hour is to go for 100% natural choices in our everyday lives.

Interior decoration is viewed an important part of home décor. Besides delivering a pleasing appearance, floor rugs also segregate a large room into areas along with bringing distinctive  elements together. Sisal floor rugs are a great option to add personality and color to  a drab room without the permanent requirement of a carpet. Sisal floor rugs are the most sustainable floor covering option that complements the ongoing go green trend by relieving health problems and minimizing indoor pollution. The popularity of sisal floor rugs can be attributed to its makeup of natural raw material that is simultaneously durable, stylish and cost effective than its synthetic counterparts.

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Sisal rugs are made of a species of cactus plant, commonly known as agave sisalana. It is a spiky, green cactus bush that is native to the dry and arid areas of Africa, Brazil, Mexico and so forth. If the history is to be traced, it is found that the rugs were first produced in Egypt and is continuing to be made today. The plant comprises of extremely sturdy vegetable fibers that make it the most sought after material for ropes, mats, rugs and much more. Sisal floor rugs are sought for its strength benefits all over the globe as compared or other natural fibre rugs like jute, hemp or flax.

sisal floor rugs

 Here we lists you some of the five stars benefits of Floorspace sisal floor rugs that would help you in deciding with your choice to go for it without the slightest possibility of going wrong:

Owing to its high quality workmanship and outstanding fiber content these rugs are stain resistant. Moreover, it is anti inflammable i.e. it does not catches fire easily. The molecular structure of the fibers makes it sound absorbing and therefore the most suitable choice for living room or kid’s playroom where you expect a lot of noise. Also, the sound absorbing quality makes it suitable for use in hardwood hallways and wooden staircases.

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Sisal is derived from the long, knife shaped leaves of the Agave plant and possess the outstanding ability of woven together with other textile such as wool. It makes it an ideal choice for high traffic areas where you expect a lot of people walking up it. It is durable and can withstand hard wear and tear for an extended stretch of time.

One can easily guess if they are walking upon sisal floor rug by the smooth feel underneath their feet. This is the key factor speaking out for the classy and stylish appearance of the rugs. Their sophisticacted appearance makes it the preferred choice for tasteful interior decorations by professionals. The sisal floor rugs are also called elegant rugs.

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Sisal floor rugs are anti static, i.e. it doesn’t build up static electricity. It is renewable, biodegradable and can be easily woven along with other textiles to get the benefit of both kinds that encompass geniality, smoothness, comfort and resiIence.

So, choose from the vast collection of Floorspace sisal floor rugs for a long lasting and pleasant looking rug without sacrificing practicality.

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