Tech Gadgets and Security Concerns

Two decades ago, tech technological creatures are very rare and are available rarely to the general public. Now in the current scenario, everyone has the technology creatures in their hands in the shape of smartphones, personal computers, tablets, and IPads. Everyone is fully dependent to these sorts of technology gadgets and tools. Just because of these tech gadgets provide human beings plenty of entertaining application such as social media application. People from all age groups seem too busy using smartphones, computers, laptops and many other tech-based machines. However, these tech tools sometimes suffer human beings with great financial and health loses.


Now the business enterprises are based on technology having sensitive and secret data within the tech gadgets, so the cyber-attacks are very common no time every before. People in the shape of hackers hack the secret data and looted all the sensitive information along with the billion dollars account information. Thousands of organizations have been attacked within the current year and have lost the huge amount of money in the last calendar year as well as in the year of 2017. Therefore, employers have to keep some security in on their technological gadgets in the form of cloud computing and other Cell phone monitoring software.

Identity theft:

It is basically an act of person getting someone else personal information illegally. Thieves are usually expert of hacking the information and always looking forward to such information which has full name along with the maiden name, address, date of birth, contact number, email address and also the credit card number to steal money online. These evil personalities stole the identity from the tech devices which are connected with the internet world. Identity theft is the serious crime in the most of the developed countries.


The crooks create smart schemes to do fraud with millions of people every calendar year. They actually use sophisticated techniques on tech gadgets which are connected to the internet and do age-old tricks to get people and send money or give out personal and secret information.  They commonly add new twists in the old schemes and manipulate the people to make sudden dissections at the spot. They send fake emails and ask for their personal banking account numbers and stole money online. Sometimes they make the fake replica of the famous websites and do frauds.

Cyber bullying:

How does it happen? Cyber bullying only happens in the digital world. Users use tech gadgets and use plenty of social media websites and instant messaging application on their smartphones. So, social media tools are the best whereabouts of these cyber bullies people. They use sexual and abusive language and harassed young teens in order to fulfill their evil activities on social media platforms. Cyber bullies always make victims to innocent weak peoples. These tech creatures no doubt provide us thousands of facilities but at the same times plenty of things which are very scary and un-ethical things.

Psychological issues:

People who use the tech devices most of the time, usually they got some of the psychological issues in their personalities. The young teenager’s girls and boys who usually use the technology all day long are in large number having with the psychological issues.

Olivia Rs
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