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Bhagwad Gita is believed to be the most spiritual and religious book of Hindus. It is known as the doctrine of the facts and universal truth which has been influencing lots of people. As the historic Ved Vyasa is very well known as the writer of Mahabharata, Gita is also considered to be a part of the same. The epic story of Mahabharata shows that the Kaurava and Pandava fighting for the throne of Hastinapur. Bu seeing the friends and relatives fighting with each other, the Prince of Pandava gets weak and decided not to indulge in the battle. The Bhagwad Gita Shloka is really helpful in our day to day life. This brings lots of positivity in your life.

When Lord Krishna saw that Pandav was losing the patience and strength to fight the battle he gave him the Geeta Saar. The teachings of Bhagwad gita is well known all over the world. Many people tend to follow this as the principles of their life to make it peaceful and happier. It was written 5040 thousand years back and is still significant. Everyone who has gone through this has really admired it a lot. It ensures that it touches every aspects of life. If you are looking forward to lead a peaceful and happy life then you should definitely go through Bhagwad Gita Sholaka. Taking the Bagwad Gita teaching very carefully, will make the life of a person quite peacufull and systematic. There are many individuals who have been benefitted from the teachings of Gita.

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Gita is believed to show the right part to the once who are little distracted from their right path. This proves to be like a guiding light for someone who is very confused and stressed in their life. It fills the life with lots of wisdom and purity. It is one of the biggest spirituality books all over India. This book basically aims at motivating the humanity and brings out the best in them. Through this you could gain love from the almighty. Apart from this the Bhakti yoga also changes the life of an Individual.

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Know more about the teaching of Geeta Saar:

  • Limiting your thoughts like, this is yours and this is mine should be kept out of your mind
  • A person who is money minded can never perform meditation even if they try to
  • There are numerous desires which keep crossing your mind every now and then
  • The supreme power is Lord Krishna
  • If you believe in getting the utmost peace in life you will have to devote yourself to lord Krishna
  • They say that whatever action you take each one of it is dedicated to Lord Krishna
  • It says that no one has come to this earth with anything in their hand, so all of us should stop being materialistic
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Bhagwad Gita Shloka brings lots of peace and happiness in a person’s life. With its guideline we make our daily activities much easier.