Things To Know About Darjeeling Tea

We all love to start our day with a perfect cup of tea that sets the momentum of our life. Needless to say, tea is not only a refreshing drink but a delicious beverage as well. This particular drink provides several benefits to a human body and is a widely consumed drink across the globe. Did you know that Darjeeling tea is the most preferred drink amongst the tea lovers? Now, if you want to enjoy the flavours of this tea, then buy Darjeeling tea online.

Things To Know About Darjeeling Tea

Darjeeling Tea – An Addiction

True, it is an addiction for all tea lovers. Once tasted, you cannot just live without it because Darjeeling tea is considered as the “Champagne of teas”. You have to come for it again and again because there is no other drink that can give you the freshness of tea. The best thing about this drink is its taste and the aroma of the bitterness right after it is over-brewed. Darjeeling tea lovers say that there is something more present in this brew that makes it stand out from others.

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Needless to say, that the essence and aroma of this infusion make it worth sipping. In fact, while sipping the drink, you will feel the quintessence of the place (Darjeeling) itself. It has also been noted that both the tea lovers and connoisseurs are so much in love with the tea that they are even ready to shell out huge bucks for it. To be precise, besides the quality and flavour, what matters is the size of the leaves, which determines the price of this tea.

Flushes of Darjeeling Tea

The periodic reap of the plantations is termed as ‘flushes’. The first ‘flush’ Darjeeling tea is harvested right after the winter season. They are absolutely fresh and come with a delicate mountain air flavour. Preparing this gives a light-coloured drink, which is ideal for your morning tea. The second ‘flush’ directly comes from mature plants, which provides a wine-like flavour. Right after brewing the second ‘flush’ tea leaves, the resultant will be the dark golden colour liquor.

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Buy Darjeeling Tea Online

No wonder, there is always a key factor present for the unparalleled increase in the demand for the best and the right quality of tea. Now buying tea has become easy with the presence of online stores, thus, increasing the demand. If you have not yet bought Darjeeling tea online, it is high time you start with the practice today. You will find a number of online stores selling Darjeeling tea. Needless to say, that these stores have brought great benefits for all tea lovers. Now, sitting at the comfort of your home, you can buy Darjeeling tea online. Buying tea online is a boon because it is cost-effective, time saving and you can find a wide variety as well.