10 Tips To Get Better Flavour From Your e-Cigarettes

All of you smokers must know about ‘cloud chasing’. The huge plumes of vapors blowing out in the air surrounding you, doesn’t it give you chills? But, isn’t it something you do just to impress people? Of course, there is nothing wrong with it. We only mean to introduce you to another chase which will fill your inside with a stupendous feeling – a feeling of tasting.

10 Tips To Get Better Flavour From Your e-Cigarettes

Yes, we are talking about flavour chasing!

Different e-liquids have different tastes and that depends on your preference. But, do you know how to enhance the flavour? Here’s a quick guide to help you.

1.E-juice is the key

Store your e-liquid carefully in a cool, dark place and keep the tank closed at all times (except while refilling) to retain the quality of the flavour. Although there is no evidence to it, ‘steeping’ may enhance the flavour of your vapor. Steeping means letting the e-liquid mature for a week and occasionally opening the bottle to expose it to air.

2.Cleanse the parts

Fresh coils, wicks, and tanks improve the flavour. It is, however, to be remembered that extensive rinsing of coils may also degrade the lifespan.

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3.Narrow the drip tip

Irrespective of the divided views on the influence of dips on the flavour, it has been established that thinner or narrower tips enhance the flavours of E-liquids. The enhancement may not be substantial but it does improve the flavour.

4.Reduce the airflow

Big airflow reduces the density of vapor as well as the flavour whereas small airflow will produce less amount of vapor. Adjust the airflow – increase from lower to larger airflow settings.

5.Know the wattage and temperature settings

Different juices vaporize at different temperatures. To improve the flavour of the e-liquid, you just have to adjust the settings accordingly.

Each flavour needs to be experimented with. Keep altering the settings till you find the sweet spot. To find the favorable setting for temperature and wattage, begin with a lower value and move upwards. Use a variable wattage and temperature kit and chase your favourite flavour.

6.Careful choice of atomizer

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Atomizers may help you make most of your vaping experience. Large bores of atomizer heads may reduce the flavour; a small bore is preferred. Rebuildable atomizers provide the best experience to vapers juice uk However, you need to make your own coils.

7.Add coils

Adding coils to the e-cigarette expands the surface area to the atomizer which means more e-liquid is exposed to the coils enhancing both the flavour and the vapor. However, this process would require higher wattage, draining the battery faster than usual.

8.Reduce the nicotine

We know you love nicotine and it keeps you going on hard days. But, admit the fact that nicotine has its own taste and if you wish to experience the complete flavour of the e-juice, you need to cut the amount of nicotine.

9.Increase the PG

Propylene glycol in the e-juice carries the flavours. Increasing the amount of PG in the liquid will enhance the flavour.

10.Vapor’s tongue to be blamed

Vapor’s tongue is a common phenomenon and occurs with the continuous use of a particular e-liquid. When you smoke too much of a flavour, it might numb your sense organs to experience the taste or the flavour.

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No worries people! In a case of a vapor’s tongue, switch to another flavour, eat citrus fruits like lemon or orange, use coffee beans to change the taste, or simply take a break.

Use the above mentioned tips to enjoy a magnificent flavour the next time you smoke!

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