Understanding The Entertainment Events

Entertainment Events include awards, concerts, cultural shows, talent search competitions and theatre.

Over the last few years, the number of entertainment and community events subsidised by enthusiastic advertisers has increased. This is the new-age way to break through the confusion of thousands of commercial messages that flood the market today. These kinds of events can enhance and link other elements of a promotional mix – advertising, public relations, sales promotions and direct marketing – to create a singular, high visibility experience for the consumer. Examples are award nights such as Latin Grammy awards or the Britannia awards and talent search contests such as Rise 2 Fame. A huge amount of money is pumped into such events.

Understanding The Entertainment Events

Example of Event Mechanics for a television reality show:

  • Artists’ fees

  • Compeer

  • Sets

  • Venue Constructs & Décor

  • Venue Hire (per day)

  • Sound & Light

  • AV Shoots on Beta

  • Production charges (Studio hire, DATS etc)

  • AV Screens and Projections

  • Choreographer with dancers, costumes, rehearsal etc

  • Orchestra

  • Insurance & Permissions

  • Printing & Production

  • Generators & General lighting

  • Pyro techniques

  • Catering during rehearsals & show day

  • Security

  • Communication

  • Travel, Lodging, Boarding & Transportation

  • Scripting

  • Artists and Compeer costumes

  • Advertising & Publicity

  • Television production (Shooting & Post production)

  • Agency Fees (Direction, Production & Management)

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Another type of entertainment events are personal and social events which include weddings and 60th wedding anniversary, inauguration of personal properties, celebration of life time achievement award and others.

These are events held on a very personal level for family and friends etc. These are generally by invitation and the number of people involved in such events is generally high.

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Weddings are the next big thing in the event management industry. Wedding planners are in the business to streamline and provide the dream wedding for consumers at any budget. They work as per the consumers demands and provide them with everything they wish. A great advantage of conceptualised personal events is that it creates a memorable experience for everyone and emphasises the ‘wow’ factor. It makes the guests to remember the event for a very long time.

If you are also planning to hire a wedding planner for your special day, then there are several wedding entertainment agencies in London who will make your special day memorable for you as well as your guests.