Ways To Decide If You Are A Low, Medium, High or Very High Energy User

To have a deeper understanding of your energy bills, first of all you need to decide whether you are a low user, medium user, high user or very high user. Let’s simplify it further for you: if you are living in a house with three bedrooms, two bathrooms and a large kitchen, apparently your energy bills are going to be higher due to more usage. Likewise, if you have a small house such as a one-bedroom flat, you are definitely going to get lower bills.

Furthermore, the more the number of people will be in your property, the higher your utility bills will be. However, you can always manage your energy consumption and bills with the guidance of your energy suppliers. For instance, if you’re an EON Energy consumer, you can call them directly at EON Contact Number and the team of trained advisors will guide you through the process to make things pocket-friendly for you.

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In the meanwhile if you want to know, what kind of energy user are you, it can be defined by your annual energy consumption.

Ways To Decide If You Are A Low, Medium, High or Very High Energy User

Low-Energy User: According to Ofgem, if your average energy usage falls under the category of 8,000kWh of gas and 2,000kWhelectricity per year, you are a low-energy user. In general, a low user is a person who lives in a one or two-bedroom flat (either alone or with a flatmate), is working full-time and hence spends most of his/her time outside the house and he/she is thus using most of the energy at evenings or weekends.

Medium-Energy User:As defined by Ofgem, a medium user will usually live in a 3 – 4 bedroom property, with three or four other flatmates and will consume 12,500kWh gas and 3,100kWh electricity per year. However, it necessarily doesn’t mean flatmates in every scenario- it can be case of a small family, as well. As there is always a number of 3-4 people available in the house; hence, the energy is constantly consumed.

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High-Energy User: The person falling under this category will consume around 18,000kWh gas and 4,600kWh electricity per year. He/she will ideally live in a big flat and sharing it with more than four people; or else, he/she can also be a member of a bigger family living in a five-bedroom house. Naturally, the daily energy consumption is higher since so many people are living under one roof and a lot of appliances such as washing machines, dishwasher, etc. are constantly used.

Very High-Energy User: The person meant for this category will consume around 36000kWh gas and 7200Wh electricity on yearly basis and he/she will be living in a large student house, which can have six to seven bedrooms and at least two bathrooms. The energy consumption in this house will be significantly higher due to the vast amount and frequent usage of appliances such as dishwasher or tumble dryer.

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Now, as you are aware what kind of energy user you are, please feel free to call your customer service team at EON Contact Number and get a hold of pocket-friendly tips to bring down your energy bills by a good ratio.