What Are The Best Fabric Options For Curtains?

When it is time to buy a new curtain for your home, do not worry if you don’t know a simple think about choosing the right fabric. 6Experts reveal that each type of curtain fabrics has their own benefits. For example, some curtain fabrics are available in light weight; some are available in texture, and some come with exposing qualities.

However, the most common types of fabrics used by people for their curtains include:

  • Silk
  • Linen
  • Polyester
  • Velvet
  • Acrylic
  • Rayon
  • Brocade
  • Lace
  • Voile

Today, we might not be able to discuss all of these fabric types in detail, however, let us explore some of these curtain fabric types to help you make a fantastic choice for your home curtains.

What Are The Best Fabric Options For Curtains?

Cotton Fabric

Cotton is the most popular fabric type that offers a wide range of styles to users. It also offers a clean and crisp feeling to users that love traditional and modern styles. As cotton can be a very large fabric, cotton fabrics cannot be perfectly lined. This is the reason cotton is most popular curtain fabric so it can fall and hang downwards.

Moreover, being a thick fabric for your lovely home curtains, cotton also has an advantage of blocking the heavy sunlight when you need less light in the room. You can choose cotton with a tight weave or have them well lined. This will work for you very well.

Silk Fabric

Silk has been long concerned with luxury for many people to enjoy the best type of curtain fabric. However, many people do not choose silk as curtain fabric for its super functionality, they choose it for its aesthetics appeal and beauty.

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Silk is a heavy fabric and it feels very soft and drapes also very well. It also looks fabulously romantic in the bedrooms or formal dining rooms. But, that is not the most practical way to use it.

You cannot wash silk in a washing machine without damaging it. It is better to dry clean silk fabric for your sofas. It is also unfortunately very susceptible to sunlight; saving it from ultraviolet rays is desirable. Therefore, it cannot be considered a very good curtain fabric where sunlight is scorching like a menace.

However, if your living room has significant natural light and you want to protect them by using a roller blind underneath, you can surely go and purchase a silk-based polyester fabric and achieve durability.


A very common choice is polyester that is easy to care for and also very durable. That means if you need a fabric that is wrinkle-free, then you can stretch it and shrink it easily.

A much better strategy is to use polyester for the places in your house such as bedrooms and living rooms. That is because these places are used frequently throughout the day in your house and they often don’t have smoke or dust. On the other hand, you should refrain from using polyester in your kitchen because it is flammable.

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The quality of polyester that it does not allow much flow of air in the house makes it a bad choice for rooms like kitchen and bathroom. Both bathroom and kitchen need ample supply of air to keep things great. However, you can avoid it in the kitchen because it is also of flammable nature and can catch fire easily in the kitchen.

Linen Cloth

Another type of curtain cloth in our list is linen, a popular choice of people in Sydney. Because linen is made of natural fiber, most people who desire glamor and richness in their rooms often love to install linen curtains in their living rooms and bedrooms.

If you like the look of curtains that pool on the floor, linen is a great choice to achieve it. Linen won’t block the sun, and like silk they’re dry clean only. Therefore, choosing linen can add significant value to your home in terms of aesthetics.


Velvet is made of synthetic fibers and it is also a very popular choice for people to choose for their home curtains. There is a popular saying that” velvet is another name for glamor and richness”.

In the cold harsh winters when the blistering air can send shivers down your spine, the heavy making of velvet cloth can save you from chilling wind and cold splashes. It blocks cold airs in the form of curtains on your windows and there is no need to completely close your window if you need some fresh air and light in the room.

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Finally, it also drapes well, giving rooms a regal look.

Lace Cloth

Lace curtains are also very popular and feel romantic in rooms. They are also very good options for ensuring privacy and providing natural light.

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