Will you get a return on your investment on your massage chair?

For most savvy buyers, the cost of a device or item is not as important as how much they stand to gain from it. And since massage chairs can cost quite a bit, this question is bound to be heavy on your mind. Especially, if you’re planning to buy massage chair. In simple terms, return on investment, or ROI, refers to the benefits that you’ll get from an item (money and otherwise).

In this article, we will discuss four ways that you can get a significant ROI on your chair. We’ll also look at why massage chairs are an overall wonderful investment. After reading this article, you may find yourself setting out to buy a massage chair as quickly as possible.

1. A Massage chair is cheaper than a massage therapist

One of the major reservations that people have about buying a massage chair is that they are quite expensive. To get a great and reliable model, you’d have to part with between $4000 to $9000. Off-course it’s a large amount, but it’s more affordable compared to the amount you need to pay for the services of a therapist, over the lifetime of the chair.

Most manufacturers offer warranties on their massage chairs; some as long as ten years. So, if your average massage session costs $100 and you see your therapist twice monthly, you’d spend about $200 every month. In just two years, you would pay your massage therapist the monetary equivalent of a massage chair.

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Consider that you may have chronic back ache and require lots of attention for your back. In this situation, it’s simply more affordable to get a massage chair.

2. Massage chairs can last a very long time

We already discussed how manufacturers offer warranties of up to ten years on their chairs. This means that you can use your chair for a very long time at almost no extra cost. Besides simple servicing, you’ll continue to enjoy your investment, receiving massages anytime you like.

Within the ten years that your chair stays in top condition, you would pay a massage therapist the equivalent of five chairs just to receive the same care. With money like that, you could open up a spa! Truthfully, a massage chair is more than just a therapeutic device. It’s an economist’s choice.

3. They have great second-hand value

Understandably, you may not look forward to needing back massages for the next ten years. Like most people, you hope that the problem will resolve in a year or two. That’s why buying a machine that may last ten years may not appeal to you.

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But, this isn’t a problem because massage chairs have great second-hand value as well. There are spas and beauty centers all over the world that use massage chairs to care for their customers. There are establishments that’ll be willing to buy the fairly used machine at a great price.

So, with a massage chair, you’ll get an ROI within two years of owning it. You can further sell it and gain some extra money off it. If that isn’t a great investment, I don’t know what is!

4. You don’t have to be in pain to enjoy it

Some people buy massage chairs for the relaxation and comfort it brings them. Even if you don’t have a chronic back or neck condition, you can still enjoy a massage chair.

Numerous researches have documented the benefits of massage on the body. It can cause pain relief and it can reduce stress and anxiety. These reasons are why you can buy a massage chair and still enjoy it, even though you don’t need a massage therapist.

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The bottom line

You might be buying a massage chair for a chronic condition or for leisure. In either situation, they are a fantastic investment. Not only will they deliver up to your expectations, they can give you a remarkable return on your investment. What’s more is that you can expect to use the chair for eight years after you’ve saved the initial cost.

On the other hand, massage chairs also have great second-hand value. You can sell your chair and still pocket a significant chunk of the initial cost


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