12 Things To Know About Commercial Exhaust Canopy

Commercial kitchens are incomplete without a commercial exhaust canopy. To ensure that smoke is sent out of the kitchen in a proper manner, it is imperative to take time choosing the right canopy based on your specific requirements.

12 Things To Know About Commercial Exhaust Canopy

Here are 12 important things to know about commercial exhaust canopy –

  1. For environment and safety reasons, it is important to ensure that the smoke, odours, heat and steam is let out properly through the kitchen that is also adequately ventilated.
  2. It is also important to ensure that the commercial exhaust canopy you choose for your restaurant or hotel or any other type of food outlet must comply with local standards.
  3. To effectively remove any odour or smoke from the cooking process, the canopy must overhang the kitchen equipment and must cover the equipment completely in terms of width and length.
  4. The canopy you choose must come with easy to maintain filters as they require periodic cleaning. The best commercial exhaust canopy must have the capability to effectively deal with grease.
  5. To ensure long term ease of cleaning and maintenance, it is important to choose a stainless steel exhaust canopy over the galvanized steel. Most canopies are completely welded to ensure strength and longevity.
  6. To make it easy for cooks to see what they are cooking, most of the commercial exhaust canopies come with a mounted fluorescent light which is heat proof.
  7. Commercial exhaust canopy comes with a removable grease filter. This filter helps remove the grease particles, odour and smoke from the kitchen from time to time. To ensure that there is no reduction in the air velocity and the overall functioning of the exhaust canopy, it is imperative to clean and maintain the filter regularly.
  8. Commercial exhaust canopies are expensive. This means, it is important to do your research well before buying the right one based on your needs. The canopy must be installed by an experienced contractor. It will be much better if the contractor provides you with a certification after installation.
  9. It is extremely important to clean and maintain the canopy because of many reasons. One of the many reason is why canopy should be clean and grease free is to minimize fire risks in the kitchen.
  10. A well maintained canopy ensures that the kitchen remains odour free and fresh thereby enhancing the overall health of the work environment for staff.
  11. Installing a quality commercial exhaust canopy helps save on overall insurance premium
  12. Canopy prevents minor accidents in the kitchen by keeping kitchen equipment functioning safely and efficiently.
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A highly energy efficient exhaust canopy is a blessing for any kitchen. It helps the ventilation system last for a long time and also helps minimize the utility bills. To keep the kitchen equipment especially commercial exhaust canopy functioning optimally, it is important to clean it periodically.

Special care has to be given to cleaning the duct work leading to the exhaust fan. This is because; this duct is contaminated from the grease laden vapors traveling through the vent hood filters.

If grease is allowed to accumulate, it can cause unexpected fire accidents. This is because; grease is a powerful fuel that can ignite if it comes into contact with a spark. Within seconds fire can spread to the roof through the attic causing property damage and maybe endanger lives.

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It is important to ensure that the commercial exhaust canopy and in fact the entire exhaust system is cleaned by certified and trained technicians. Ensure that they clean the entire system thoroughly and not only the areas you can see.

Canopy in important for kitchen, it remains odor free and fresh long time.Visit this link for more details about exhaust canopy.

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