4 Reasons You Need to Get Your AC Checked This Autumn

It is highly recommended to schedule annual maintenance service for your air conditioner unit. After the high temperatures of summer, autumn is the perfect time of year to do that. Here are 4 reasons you should get your AC checked this autumn.

Summer Takes a Toll on AC Units

During seasons of high temperatures, air conditioner units have to work hard. They take in more dust and pollen during summer than any other time of the year, and in many cases they are being run every single day. It’s a good idea to have an AC repair company take a look to make sure all parts are still in working order. Condensing coils and air filters in particular collect a lot of dust, so a maintenance specialist may want to change those out annually.

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Lower Demand for AC Repair

Autumn is the best time of year to schedule your annual maintenance. Because most people call for AC repair in the summer, HVAC companies are in the highest demand during summer. Scheduling maintenance during the off-season will likely save you both time and money. A maintenance specialist will probably be able to schedule your maintenance quickly and prices may be lower.

Minor Repairs Could Become Major Repairs

After running nonstop all summer, your AC unit could need a few minor repairs. If left unchecked, small issues could become major issues which can be expensive and a huge hassle. No one wants to turn their AC on for the first time of the year only to realize that it’s not working correctly. By scheduling annual autumn maintenance, you can keep your unit in great shape so it’s ready for next summer.

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It Can Save You Money

Aside from potential repairs, having your AC unit checked annually can save you money on your monthly utility bill. A unit with accumulated dust and pollen does not run efficiently. Left unchecked, your AC unit can lose up to 5% of its efficiency each year due to buildup. This means it will have to work harder to cool down your house, and in turn will cost you more money on your monthly bill.

The best way to avoid big repairs is to keep them from happening in the first place. It’s far simpler to undergo annual maintenance and replace minor parts than potentially have to replace the entire unit. Keep your AC unit running strong by scheduling annual maintenance through an AC repair company each autumn.