A Performance-Enhancing Drug For Bodybuilders And Mass Gainers

Considered as one of the most effective and popular anabolic steroids since its introduction in the late 1950s, Anabol or Dianabol is being used by mass gainers and bodybuilders. The anabolic properties of the drug are known to help bodybuilders to boost up their muscle strength and gain sufficient amount of mass. It is available in a number of underground labs in the form of 5mg to 50mg tablets though pharmaceutical companies have stopped producing such booster steroids. It is legally available in most countries and some even make it available for online purchase. It is a synthetic substance known to be associated with male sex hormone and was used in large quantities on soldiers during the period of World War II. Though consumed orally, these give the best effects with injectable steroids with certain exceptions.

A Performance-Enhancing Drug For Bodybuilders And Mass Gainers

The proper dosage recommendations

The dosage of this supplement varies greatly depending on the desire of the individual and the longevity of its use. They are known to produce positive results with a use as low as 15mg daily, despite myths and internet rumors. However, the average dose recommended is between 20-25mg. Initially starting with a low dose of 20-25mg, then increasing the levels to about 30-35mg and then even higher to about 50mg is a safer option. However, it is needless to mention that increased dosage of any drug comes with increased side effects. The increased levels of this steroid are generally manageable by experienced steroid users. Deviating from the recommended dosage and trying to take up higher dosage of up to 100mg can have severe side effects on the health of the consumer. It is often recommended to split up the daily dosage into 2-3 smaller doses as the effect of a single dose lasts for about 3-5hours. If proper dosage recommendations are followed the long-term effects of Dianabol can give you the desired results. Another alternative to this medication technique is by following certain dianabol cycles to gain mass and buff up your muscles.

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Market availability of these booster steroids

It is one of the most widely available anabolic steroid throughout the world. Even though most pharmaceutical companies have stopped the production of this drug, underground labs continue to sell them knowing the heavy demand and high popularity of it in mass gaining and bodybuilding. Despite having certain severe side effects, many women also use them to reap the beneficial effects of this booster steroid. As both demand and supply levels for this drug are high, the price remains at a constant level. These are both available in powder and capsule form, but stacking it with other supplements gives out the best results. Considering the long-term effects of Dianabol and having such strong impacts, the common question that arises in the minds of users is why is this booster steroid so popular? This is mainly due to a variety of factors like its availability in oral form for inexperienced users who want to avoid injectable compounds, its comparatively low manufacturing costs and similar other reasons.