Be Aware Of These 10 Dangerous Edibles!

Many of us try different and new dishes and never thought of noticing their effect on health. Sometimes we try different and new dish because of its appealing appearance and sometimes for fun. Here is the list of nine dangerous edibles, you need to know.

Be Aware Of These 10 Dangerous Edibles!

  1. Sannakji

Sannakji is the Korean dish. It consists of live small octopus and is served instantly seasoned with sesame oil and sesame. You need to chew it properly. It is the most dangerous food to eat as about six adventurous eaters die each year. As the baby octopus is kept alive so the suction cups can hold the eater throat and choke him/her to death.

  1. Seeds Of Apricot

Normally fruits are considered beneficial for health but seeds of some fruit are dangerous to health. In Turkey, there are numerous apricot trees and many people die due to their more intake. The seeds of apricot are dangerous because of glycosides and when it is eaten, the glycosides are converted into hydrogen cyanide and it is dangerous for health.

  1. Casu Marzu/Rotten Cheese

Casu marzu is Sardinian cheese and in English, it is known as rotten cheese. In its preparation period, it is kept uncovered and there are chances that dirt & other unhealthy things especially allowing flies to lay eggs inside it. The larvae in the cheese, when eaten, are unhealthy and might bore through colonic walls of the human.

  1. Ackee
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This fruit is also dangerous to eat. It is found in West Africa and is the general fruit of Jamaica. Normally it is picked earlier when its black seeds do not open properly and consumed by many people. These black seeds are dangerous. Ackee contains a poison named “Hypoglycin” that cause queasiness. In 2011, the harming cases were thirty-five.

  1. Pufferfish

Pufferfish commonly known as Fugu is the Japanese dish. This fish contains a toxin in its liver and other inner tissues that are hazardous to human health. If the fish is not cooked well then eaters can get paralyzed.

  1. Brain Of Monkey

The brain of the monkey is mostly present in Asia and it is cooked, baked and even eaten raw by adventurous people. Eating monkey brain is extremely dangerous as it contains irregular Jakob disease that damages your brain.

  1. Carambola
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The neurotoxin present in this star fruit is dangerous for your health. Excessive intake has the bad effect on your nerves and brain.

  1. Cassava

Cassava also known as manioc is found in America and Africa. Chips, juices, and cakes are made with this. It is fried, boiled, baked or mashed but if it is not prepared properly then cyanide in roots of Cassava is unsafe for your health.

  1. Red Kidney Beans

Kidney beans are considered the world’s healthiest food but red kidney beans contain a toxin that is treacherous for your health. They should be boiled properly for at least ten minutes or more.

  1. Fesikh

This is the famous Egyptian dish. This dish is eaten on the festival of spring in Egypt named Shem-al- Nessim. It is marinated with salt for a year and then at this event it is cooked so kept for such a long time period it is dangerous to your health. In Egypt, many people get hospitalized by eating this dish.

It’s Time To Take Action!

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Make drastic changes in your food by saying goodbye to the above discussed food items. Mover, to lead a healthy life you also need to lower the intake of fast food, baked food, frozen food, fried food, soda and items prepared with simple flour.

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