Explore More Of Magical Menorca

When you are travelling to Menorca, you certainly would like to have a villa accommodation as it makes a perfect base from which you could easily explore more of this magical island. Below are some of the vital tips you perhaps will find useful.

Explore More Of Magical Menorca

Rent A Car Menorca

While you are in Menorca, your villa accommodation can be located in coastal or rural areas, and for the former, rent a car Menorca is essential. However, if you happen to be close to the resort center, you perhaps still find that the public transport is unpredictable and limited. There is a broad range of amazing things you must see on this magical island and having rent a car Menorca could make it all easier for you.

Do Some Research On Your Own

It oftentimes comes as a surprise to discover that the island has more miles of beaches compared to Ibiza and Majorca combined. Some of these are, as you may anticipate, directly related with a resort like Son Bou. Yet others are still quite underdeveloped. If you prefer isolation and beaches that suggest the way things used to be in times gone by, you perhaps want to do a bit of research on your own before you set off. There are considerable options to choose from – so grab yourself a map and a start exploring!

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Visit The Major Towns

Even it is absolutely possible to have an enjoyable vacation on this magical island without visiting either Ciutadella or Mahon, but missing them out would be a great pity. These are among the two most fascinating towns with a lot of things for you to explore including shopping. So, make sure you take some time out from the Menorca beaches and try these two major towns!

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Take Your Walking Shoes Along

The island is quite famous for its inland and coastal walking paths and they are an incredible way to see the true nature of the entire region. Obviously though much of the walking is quite easy to moderate, trying to get along in your beach shoes or flip flips perhaps be a challenge. So, slip a pair of comfortable yet sturdy walking shoes with you and be prepared.

Visit The Local Markets

Shopping around in the local markets is good but if you really want to sample the local culture and produce, you must get to one of the local open markets. These exist in Ciutadella and Mahon but also in various other localities around the island.

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