Top Christian Homeschool Curriculum

The Christian homeschool curriculum you choose for your kids helps them learn much more than what happens in school. There are four different ways to complete your curriculum, and you should build your curriculum around each of the five tenants below.

Top Christian Homeschool Curriculum

Which Bible Do You Use?

The Bible you use for your curriculum is important because it informs your theology and your children. You must teach them from the translation you believe would be the most helpful, or you might use a translation that speaks to them. If you are hard pressed to find a translation you like, use the Message translation by Eugene Peterson. He has written the Bible in painstaking detail using modern language. Though he is not for everyone, kids find the Bible in his hand easy to read.

Which Subjects Do You Teach?

You must break up your curriculum into subjects you plan to teach. If you wish to teach your kids about history, language arts, science, and math, you need books for each. Let your kids work through the book slowly, and they learn quickly about each topic. Keeping the kids limited to four books prevents them from feeling overwhelmed.

Supplement With Other Books

Supplementing your kids will books helps them learn what interests them most, and you should choose these books from a number of locations. Give the kids a chance to pick out books at the library, and take them to a bookstore to pick something. Bring the kids to storytime at the library or the bookstore, and learn what the kids like most. You know what to get them for their next birthday, and they might want to meet with kids and parents who like the same books.

Use Models And Building

Models are useful for your kids who like to build things, and there are many kids who need an outlet for their meticulous nature. Someone who wants to build models needs the help of a parent, and you must teach your children how to build the models on their own. The kids take on a hobby that could lead to a career in art, and you might well find that your kid wants to draw or create more art.

The Christian Homeschool Curriculum And Partners

You must have partners in your curriculum who help you. There are many partners who know how to teach certain subjects, and they meet with your kids for this purpose. Your children might play with the children of your partners, and you might teach a few classes yourself. Working together makes it easier on everyone, and you could have an ecumenical gathering every week for the purposes of learning.

Someone who wants to teach their kids at home must choose the curriculum they want, and you must mix all five tenants to create something specifically for you and your family. Your children cannot learn just like every other kid, and you owe it to them to give them a curriculum they can use every day.

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