Food Is Lifestyle In India!

There are many people who love to eat pure food of India. There are plenty of cuisines and different types of food being catered in this present time. But you now the charm of food of India are really enchanting. People still love to eat Indian eatables and dishes because they find that tang, taste aura and richness in these dishes.

Food Is Lifestyle In India!

It is impossible that you haven’t tried out Indian food in your life. Every one of you has eaten Indian dish one time or the other. In most of the Indian kitchens, you can find plenty of dishes getting cooked that fall in the category of Indian cuisine. Well, below are some of the commonest and most popular dishes that are Indian by nature and people loved to munch on them.


Well, there are different types of dals and every dal has it’s distinctly and different aura. Be it dal Makhni, dal fry, mungiki dal or any other dal, you can find deliciousness in them. Thesedals are cooked in kitchens, hotels, restaurants and everywhere. From a home dinner to a business party; you can find dals ruling the plates. Of course, since India is a diverse country, it has different ways and manners of preparations. People prepare dals in different manners. They add different kinds of spices as per there taste.  For example, you can find a Makhni dal full of spices and chillies in North and on the other side; you can find a Makhni dal with simple ingredients and sober flavour. Indeed, both are the Makhnidals and are delicious but have different spices stuffed.

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Hang on; don’t say that you have never experienced a biryani. No matter you are in north, east, and south or west; you can find different types of biryanis all over. People have a cherished love for biryanis. You can find different types of ingredients, spices and curry in these biryanis.  For example, in a Hyderabad biryani, you can find so many spices mingled together so as to leave a hot and long lasting effect on the tongue. These spices add so much of pleasure and tang in the mouth. Similarly, if you taste a south Indian biriyani, you might find different sets of spices and ingredients. If you are in North, you might find spices and chillies overtaking biryani with their extensiveness. No matter you are a vegetarian or non-vegetarian person, you can find immense tang and variety in these bowls of biryanis.

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Well, maybe mostly in North but in present times, everywhere in India, you can find different types of parathas. Most of the Indians love to eat spicy and fulfilling parathas. In some of the houses, the mornings begin with paranthas only. You can find a huge variety in parathas like paneer paratha, onion parantha, potato parantha, and cabbage paratha, radish parantha, mixed parantha, rabrikaparatha and so on. Thesepara thas are absolutely overwhelming.

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So, if you are in India, you cannot get bored with the food that is the lifeline of the cultures, and lifestyles of this country. Perhaps, it is the reason that the food of India is cherished by maximum people irrespective of their age.