How Can Companies Improve Their Process For Background Checks?

Technology continues to improve and add features that prove more and more helpful as employers in businesses of all sizes and in multiple industries and government offices seek to do the most accurate and complete background checks when needed. The checks are especially helpful and necessary for pre-screening potential employees for their work experiences and community involvement as well as the possibility of security clearances.

How Can Companies Improve Their Process For Background Checks?

Keep the Goal in Mind

When you’re looking at your background check techniques, be sure to remember what you’re trying to get out of it. Background checks should focus on investigating backgrounds, to verify the accuracy of any and all claims on an applicant’s employment application or résume/curriculum vitae, and to discover if there is any criminal history, sanctions by previous employers, workers compensation claims, and any other pertinent and useful enlightening information.

These background checks are also used by employers as a way of judging a job candidate’s probable fitness, experience, and character for the particular position being applied for and how he or she will most likely be the best suited for the position and be of benefit to the business in that capacity. If your system isn’t doing all of this in an efficient and effective manner, then you need to make some changes.

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Cut Busywork With the Right Tools

Don’t have your hiring managers waste their time playing Sherlock on the internet for hours or days for each candidate. Instead, take advantage of modern technology to get the information you need in the most direct and efficient manner. A name matching tool can be used for reading through tricky jargon in a CV or resume, such as identifying nicknames and acronyms of your client, the names of previous workplaces, and so on that can be used later on in the background check process. Companies like Equifax or Transunion also offer tools to help do quick and easy credit checks.

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Scale It

The frequency and purposes for background checks will vary between industries both small and large, government agencies, countries and their requirements, and the individuals themselves. A variety of methods can be used to complete and verify such checks from comprehensive database searches to personal references. By the end, however, you should be keeping in your lane as a company.

Don’t go prying deeply into private social media accounts unless that will directly affect the candidate’s ability to do their job in PR or similar positions. Just like you aren’t allowed to ask certain questions in an interview, you shouldn’t be digging up personal information online about a candidate that does not directly pertain to the position you are hiring for.

Hiring new employees is always a bit of a risk, but that risk can be minimized if you are able to do swift and effective background checks. Know what you’re looking for, keep your search focused on what’s important, and use the right tools to get the information you need in a timely manner.