Know How to Wear A Scarf in Luxurious Way?

The scarf has come a long way from its humble origins to becoming a winter outfit staple. Silk scarves became a symbol of luxury, indicative of wealth.

Wool or silk, square or triangular, the market offers a great variety to choose from. In addition, at the online stores of Cashmere scarves manufacturers it is easier to find affordable scarves in high-quality materials, such as pure silk, pashmina, cashmere or wool. The material chosen is very important when choosing a scarf, and fabrics with wool or cotton are by far the best insulators. As for the shape, long scarves are very useful if we look for a stronger look; it’s a great way to multiply the look while highlighting the look from top to bottom.

Know How to Wear A Scarf in Luxurious Way

However, buying a luxury scarf like pashmina or cashmere is not the only thing that increases your looks but you also must know how to wear it in style. Thus, here are some of the authentic ways to wear a luxury scarf, so that you would not look like a moron by wearing it in the wrong way.

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French knot

This style requires time to perfect it, but once you know how to do it, you will not know how you could live without it. The French Knot is a simple embroidery sew that creates a nubby, little three-dimensional point. It works countless alone, or threaded composed in lines, or gathered to form a good-looking piled superficial. Learn right here how to lash out this very useful ornamental stitch!

  1. Fold an extra-long scarf in half and circle the neck at the back of the neck.
  2. Take the loose ends and make them go through the loop.
  3. Now take the lower half of the loop and twist it up.
  4. Place the other end inside the new loop.

On the shoulder

With an air of carefreeness, this style oozes cool everywhere. Be inspired, for example, by Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen, founders of The Row, very frequent to add a large scarf or shawl to their monochrome looks in neutral colors such as navy blue or camel.

  1. Fold a large scarf, a scarf or a pashmina behind the neck, spreading the fabric over the shoulders.
  2. Throw one end over the opposite shoulder.
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Covering the Head

This style is basically for old women. You might have seen this style of wearing a scarf in your childhood when your granny used to wear it. This is a really good way to keep your ears warm even in cold breeze.

  1. Fold a small square handkerchief in half and diagonally to form a triangle.
  2. Place the handkerchief on the head, with the long part of the fold over the hairline so that the rest of the handkerchief covers the head.
  3. Knot the corners firmly below the chin.

Wrap around the neck

The neckerchief has been reborn in the street style of recent seasons. Slip it under shirts and scarves to give your formal look an interesting twist.

  1. Fold a small square handkerchief in half and diagonally to form a triangle.
  2. Starting from the vertex, go making folds (from 5 to 7) to form a thin and flat piece.
  3. Place the handkerchief around the neck with a single turn (two if it is very long) and tie it with a strong knot to the neck.
  4. Turn it to give it your style.
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Large scarves are very versatile wardrobe basics, as they offer a multitude of solutions to our style. Large rectangular scarves and stoles are great for travel. Not only can you use them as a scarf, but in many other ways; as stylish printed shawls, stole or even pareo.

Amelie J