Magic Shows: Put Some Magic Into Your Holiday Gatherings

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Well, almost. Except for birthdays, birthdays are lots of fun when you are the celebrant. But winter holidays definitely come in second. You get to dress up in clothes that are stiff and scratchy because you only wear them once a year. You get to go see people you only see during the holidays, Uncle Ned that snores in the recliner, Aunt Sadie that squeezes the stuffing out of you, and Cousin Jimmy that thumps you on the back of the head where no one can see. Maybe the people aren’t so great but the food is always good.

Magic Shows: Put Some Magic Into Your Holiday Gatherings

You get Aunt Sally’s fruitcake, the one with the walnut shells because she can’t see to tell between them and the nuts she’s sorting. Aunt Jane always brings a mystery dish that no one eats because it looks like last year’s leftovers. (This would be a good time for Magical Duda to make something disappear, like Aunt Jane’s mystery dish.) Cousin Lou brings a pickle plate, four different kinds of pickles straight from the jar, she works hard to fix that one! And then the Lava Cake that Uncle Bill concocts, that one is always a mystery. How does he make the icing burn so long? Well, now that I remember, maybe the food isn’t so good.

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The entertainment is the best part. There will be singers and dancers and carollers and somebody telling jokes, right? Oh? We don’t have entertainment at holiday gatherings? Why not? Ah. We don’t want to have fun, I see.

Let’s change it up this year! Instead of everybody standing around bragging about the grades on the report card, the new car, house, or raise, why don’t we book magic shows for some up close and personal fun? Bringing in outside entertainment to breakup the monotony of hearing 22 bad piano performances of Frosty the Snowman is a much better solution to liven up a dull holiday party.


People can still dress in bright colors and wear funny hats, reindeer headbands, ugly sweaters, and jingle bells to promote feelings of glad tidings and good cheer. We can still have the ugliest reindeer nose contest, and the pin the tail on the turkey game, but we can mix it up with funny jokes, and balloons and magic tricks. As the magicians work their way around the room, we could have a good time watching the sleight of hand, or card tricks, or even funny balloon animals. The kids could enjoy the jokes and the adults could have something to talk about besides the latest family or workplace scandal.

It sounds like a fun situation for everybody, doesn’t it? Booking magic shows for your holiday party can bring laughter and lifetime memories for everyone to enjoy. Bringing in outside entertainment will give the host and hostess a much needed respite after cleaning and preparing the venue for the party. But the best part? Not listening to little Jimmy sing the worst rendition ever of Jingle Bells, you know the one, “Jingle Bells, Santa Smells”…