Successful Webinar Mistakes To Do Not Over

Come on, it’s a gift … because we know what is webinar and that your webinars are important to you and your business;). So take advantage of our Sioux advice, proven during a few dozen webinars, for us or our customers, and a few hundred others “sudden” during their viewing!

Successful Webinar Mistakes To Do Not Over

Mistake # 1 – Do not smile

That’s right, it’s much better to shoot a mouth 20 feet long (by the way, it’s nearly 7 meters), it’s always better to convince his audience!

Mistake # 2 – Do not heal the scenery

A small meeting room, poorly lit, very old-fashioned, which looks like an albedo of the 80s: that is perfect to give envy and convey your values ​​and corporate culture.

Error # 3 – Doing (Only) Its Ad

Come on, you have an audience! Use it to the max to spill into your ears ONLY of the good promo of your services 🙂 No content, no added value: than advertising of course. You could even charge the webinar hosting, you never know!

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Error # 4 – Having slides too loaded

Sometimes you do not have time to say everything when you host a webinar with a webinar software, like ezTalks Cloud Meeting, it’s better to write everything! With good old slides filled with text (and animations? Clipart?) And just illegible on a screen a little small. The assurance of disgusting the few people who would have stayed until the end.

Error # 5 – Do not leave enough time for questions and answers

It was Saint-Exupéry who apologized for not having had time to do much shorter when he wrote a rather long letter by using a free webinar software. Why would you want to follow the holy man and do it in brevity? No, it’s not your style. Go over the time allotted, take all the time allocated to the exchanges, and even beyond the deadline. It’s important to show that you know a lot of things.

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Error # 6 – Do not post-webinar tracking

That’s right, if people followed, it’s good, the tag is done. No, give up any idea of ​​follow-up, especially commercial! Let the participants come back to you themselves!

Mistake # 7 – Forget his glass of water

Ah, 60 minutes to speak without being able to rise from his seat … and now the throat scratching you, or you have the mouth extremely dry. It is better if you have nothing planned to quench your thirst.

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Error # 8 – Do not do it 🙂

If they are well done, webinars are daunting marketing weapons! It’s up to you to play and enjoy it …

Rama K