The South Ex Is Famous For Its Apparel Shops

The South Extension or the South Ex. The area is famous for plenty of things. It is one of the most affluent and upscaleneighborhood in Delhi, and it is always in the news for one thing or the other. However, apart from being a great neighborhood, that has all the amenities, the whole area is also famous for shopping.

Yes, there are plenty of top-rated shops in the vicinity, and all of them are specialized in selling quality clothes, apparels, and clothes to all customers. The South Ex area is particularly famous for its brands and company outlets, and most of them are hence regarded as the best stores in Delhi.

The South Ex Is Famous For Its Apparel Shops

For the Girls

The whole South Ex area is regarded as a great place for the women shoppers. There are plenty of stores in the south ex areathat are exclusively dedicated to selling top quality women’s wear clothes. We are not only talking about western clothes, but we are also contemplating about Indian traditional wears. Yes, there are several branded outlets at The South ex that are devoted to selling traditional and ethnic women wear.

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The south ex market is famous for the sarees and the lehengas, but you can also find several stores that are in the business of selling fabulous ladies and women wear gowns too.

The Options are Always Plenty

The South Extension Market—Sarees, Lehengas, Gowns and other clothes are available in lots here—has many stores that are particularly dedicated to selling plenty of things. For example, top branded stores in the area are dedicated to selling top quality sarees and lehengas.

The shops here also sell various other ladies accessories too.

The Sarees:

In the saree department, you can also find various options from the market. The quality sarees that you can get here are—the famous silk sarees of various kinds, net sarees, georgette sarees, satin sarees, cotton sarees and, of course, the party wear sarees. The party wear sarees are the ones that are quite commonly sold at plenty of shops across the south ex area. In fact, there are some stores that are completely devoted to selling party wear style sarees.

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Apart from that, at The Southex, you can also find shops that sell bridal wear sarees for all the “to be brides.” You can not only get banarasisarees, but you can also get Kanchipuram sarees as per your requirements.

The Lehenga Department

The south ex market is famous for producing top quality, high end, glamorous, trendy and stylish lehenga cholis. It is a well-knownfact that the lehengas sold here are always wonderful to say the least.

The bridal lehengas that are available here are always top notch. In fact, when a family needs to do any kind or type of wedding shopping or marketing, the south ex market becomes their first obvious choice.

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Apart from the lehengas, you can also find several types of gowns here, that ladies can comfortably use and wear on a regular basis.