What Every Gunowner Should Know About Taking Care of Their 9mm Handgun

The 9mm is a ubiquitous firearm issued to various law enforcement agencies and other organizations around the world, but it is a popular choice of caliber for private citizens and gun enthusiasts as well. Ammunition for the 9mm tends to be relatively plentiful and inexpensive. Although the gun is not difficult to care for, there are a few basic guidelines any owner may want to go over when it comes to the care and maintenance of a 9mm.

What Every Gunowner Should Know About Taking Care of Their 9mm Handgun

Use Patches for New Firearms

People just getting an interest in these guns may not realize that some basic cleaning is a good idea for new 9mm purchases straight from the dealer. Most firearms are shipped with oil from the factory still on them or in parts like the barrel. Using a few patches and running them through the various components of your 9mm can remove excess oils that don’t need to be there. This basic process should be something owners do before the first time they go target shooting or store the firearm.

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Get Proper Storage

When you don’t need to carry your 9mm with you, adequate and safe storage for it is an essential part of your setup. All gun safes will have locks that you can key or code to your specifications. Just like the various types of 9mm handguns online, enthusiasts can also purchase cases of different sizes or with design features such as fireproof coatings and devices designed to prevent forceful tampering. You can find safes that are simple and quick to open yet will lock securely each time you close them.

Follow Disassembly Instructions

Although an owner can break many types of handguns into each individual part, this may not be necessary with all 9mm firearms. Different manufacturers have various recommendations on how you should take apart a gun prior to cleaning it. It’s a good idea to check these instructions and not take your 9mm apart any more than is necessary to ensure a good cleaning.

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Pick a Safe Solvent

Most companies that design firearms make their guns knowing that they need to be compatible with the majority of common solvents out there. However, owners should check listings just to make sure there are no specific chemicals that a particular manufacturer does not recommend. In any case, you should pick a product that is safe to come into contact with your skin regularly.

Part of the process that comes with owning and enjoying a 9mm handgun is learning how to maintain it, clean it out when necessary, and store it in a manner that is safe for you and those around you. With just a few simple things in mind, gun enthusiasts can keep any 9mm in good working order for years to come. As an added tip, don’t forget to record the serial number of any firearm, technical specifications, and other information you might need to have.