Understanding Sadness

We know when we feel sad. It feels like that there’s one thing that’s hurting us mentally. Sometimes, we don’t even know what cause us feeling sad. So what causes sadness? Is it only the normal cycle of our mood swings?

Probably not, sad feelings are simply messages sent by our subconscious mind that we need to take proper actions. Sad feelings are like other things that we experience. It’s simply an indication that there’s something wrong in our environments and in our lives. In many cases, sadness is caused by unsolved problems. People with more unsolved problems are more likely to feel sad.

To feel better, we may not need to solve all problems completely. Just the act of taking proper actions toward solving our problems may ease our mind. We will fell calmer and sadness may start to go away. Overall, we should be able to communicate well with our subconscious mind and make proper solutions.

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Understanding Sadness

If our subconscious mind finds no more reasons that can make us feeling sad, sadness will eventually disappear. When we feel sad, it is important to focus our effort on identifying the real causes. If we feel sad without knowing the real reason, it is likely that we have too many unsolved problems accumulated in our mind.

Unfortunately, some people deliberately escape addressing their issues directly by drinking and even taking drugs. Others simply sleep more or procrastinate by doing relatively harmless, but useless things. There are many ways we can do to find problems that are buried deep in our subconscious mind. Our subconscious mind is relentless and won’t give up.

It will try to wake us up by sending the sadness signals if something is wrong. We won’t know about things that make us sad if we don’t sort out all problems we have. Initially, we should look at more obvious places and eventually, we could find things that make us sad.

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It should be noted that sadness is a symptom of depression and there’s a possibility that we feel sad because we are depressed. Like sadness, depression is also an internal message and this could be caused by more serious factors. So, unless we know what keep us depressed and we do things properly, we will continue to feel depressed. Because depression is more complex than sadness, it is probably necessary to consult a professional to help us with our condition.

Eradicating sadness is easy if we know how to do it. In fact, it is an important part in our effort to achieve happiness. Sadness isn’t actually a bad thing, because it allows us to identify problems and make improvements in our lives. Sadness will happen to us and it can inflict even the happiest people in the world. It’s acceptable to be sad, but it isn’t acceptable if we keep avoiding it. We should always try to solve problems in our lives and this is the way human society improves and keeps things controlled.

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